Thunderbike Makes Gentle Style the First Custom Bike of the New Year

We’re fresh into the new year, and the world is finally beginning to push back against everything that held it hostage for the duration of 2020. We’re all looking ahead to 12 months more in the lines of our former lives, and of particular interest to us, hopefully to in-person auto and motorcycle shows, plus a hell of a lot more new model launches than before. We all love a Gentle Style no matter what it refers too so AMERiders is going to show you a different kind of Gentle Style.

And eight days in, signs are encouraging in this respect. On the car front, Jeep finally pulled the entirety of the wraps it still had on the all-new Grand Cherokee. When it comes to motorcycles, we’re looking forward to the first Harley-Davidson digital event scheduled for January 19.

Until then, here’s the first custom motorcycle to come out the doors of the very proficient German shop called Thunderbike this year.

Called Gentle Style, the project a Breakout inspired by two older builds in the garage’s portfolio, Ego Style and Black Panther. Described as having “the appearance of an agile gentleman with its paint and sporty accents,” the bike is in no way gentle, as the changes made to it are extensive.

In usual Thunderbike style, the Breakout received both visual and a mechanical overhaul, with over 30 custom pieces of hardware going into the build, from the stretched aluminum fuel tank to the many covers that adorn the two-wheeler.

Coming to the world with a lowered front end and an air suspension strapped to the back, the monster is painted black courtesy of Thunderbike’s usual partner in this field, Ingo Kruse.

There’s no mention of the price of the conversion, but as usual, the shop does list most of the parts used, and we were able to come up with an estimative figure for the project: over €12,000, which is close to $15,000 at today’s rates. Remember, that’s just for the parts, not the base bike, paint job, and man-hours.

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