Thunderbike’s Emperor Shows Its Fun Side at Saint Tropez Beach

Custom Harley-Davidsons are incredible machines to look at. No matter what factory two-wheeler is used as a base for conversion, if done right any custom bike has a chance of shining under the spotlight for a few minutes. Few of them get repeated exposure, though. However, Thunderbike’s Emperor Harley-Davidson Sportster Shows Its Fun Side at the Beach in Saint Tropez.

You see, if there is one reality that surrounds almost all custom motorcycle builds, it’s the fact that after they’re made and presented, they sink to the bottom of public conscience, and are rarely spoken of again.

The customers who have been made are partially to blame for that, as we can tell for a fact few of them brag about their unique rides once the shop is done advertising their prowess.

The Germans from Thunderbike are one notable exception. They do come back on their projects from time to time, showing us what has become of this or that build, or what adventures it encountered over the years.

Most recently, Thunderbike brought back into focus their Emperor. That would be their chopperized 1995 Sportster that the shop entered in the Harley-Davidson King of Kings competition.

Like most other builds of its kind, the Emperor sank into oblivion for a couple of years but was resurrected by the shop behind it this month. And what a resurrection it is, with the incredible two-wheeler shining magnificently under the setting sun of Saint Tropez.

You can enjoy the bike’s outing both in the attached photo gallery, and in the video below, but before you do, here’s a quick recap of what you’re about to look at.

The Emperor is a stripped-down, heavily modified Sportster that boasts a long list of custom parts, including the fork, handlebar, tank, seat, rear fender, struts, exhaust, and shifter. The engine is still the stock one, although it was completely disassembled, cleaned, and put back together with new parts where new parts were needed.

One important aspect you have to take into account is that all of the changes made had to be within a budget, as per the Harley competition’s requirements, and, in this case, the spending was capped at €6,000 ($6,800 give or take).

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Thunderbike’s Emperor Shows Its Fun Side at Saint Tropez Beach, and AMERiders loves it.

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