Thunderbike’s Harley-Davidson Red Booster Fat Boy Has 16K of Extras

“Bright red paint, black coatings and large lowrider wheels with contrast cut and our crossfire swingarm:” this is how German custom shop Thunderbike chooses to describe one of their latest customized Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the Red Booster.

Having started life as a regular Fat Boy, the motorcycle went through the usual Thunderbike changes, but at the same time ended up looking like one of a kind. And it actually is one of a kind because although most of the parts used on it can be ordered by anyone, this is the only time they’ve been fit together in this exact configuration.

We mentioned how the Fat Boy went through the usual Thunderbike changes. That means the thing was lowered, propped on an air ride system, fitted with new wheels and a very, very long list of custom hardware, and sent on its merry way boasting black and red overalls.

Riding on 21-inch wheels hidden under custom fenders, the bike moves along thanks to the original Milwaukee Eight engine only fitted with a Screamin’ Eagle Stage II torque kit and new mapping. It looks lower than usual thanks to the deployment of both a lowering kit and an air ride suspension, and more aggressive even because of all the other changes made: new handlebar, mirrors, seat plate, tank cover, or turn signals.

Thunderbike has a habit of listing all the hardware added to a build, and this one was no exception. The list is some 35-items long, and amounts to an invested total of around 13,000 euros (added hardware only), which at today’s exchange rates would be roughly $16,000.

That makes this build not the most expensive Thunderbike machine out there, but certainly among the most expensive. As usual, the above amount does not include the bike itself, man-hours that went into making it, or the paint job.

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 Thunderbike’s Harley-Davidson Red Booster Fat Boy Has 16K of Extras AMERiders has the story.

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