Thunderbike’s Night Club Has an Impressive Sibling in Silver Club.

One thing motorcycles have over cars is the relative ease with which they can be converted into something else entirely. Provided one has the proper tools, proper ideas, and proper crew, a custom motorcycle shop could spit out projects at a much higher rate than any auto counterpart is capable of. Thunderbike is one of these shops and they prove it with the Silver Club. AMERiders thinks it is a beautiful bike.

Born about 30 years ago over in Germany, they’ve been at it so hard that the number of projects they spat out, some built from scratch, others based on Harley-Davidsons, number in the hundreds. Show me a custom car garage that can say that!

One of the latest addition to this impressive fleet is an older Fat Boy, made relevant once again through some carefully planned modifications. Called Silver Club, it is part of Thunderbike’s series of power cruisers, including the Clubman, Night Club, Dark Dozer, and Black Bull.

For this one, the shop went for a relatively simple look, with no unnecessary adornments, but with an effective tone-on-tone silver paint, offset on the forks, engine covers, wheels, and running boards by a black hue.

The list of added extras is only a little over 20 items long. It includes a fiberglass front fender and a steel rear one, custom covers for various elements of the two-wheeler, and much other minor hardware, like grips, lights, and brackets.

Mechanically, the bike was not significantly changed, but it did get a shock and fork lowering kit for a more aggressive stance and a Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system for a more aggressive growl.

Thunderbike is not in the habit of letting the world know how much its builds cost, but they do list the prices for the parts used (the list of parts is most likely incomplete), and, in this case, the total amounts to close to 6,000 euros, which is about $6,300.

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AMERiders thinks that Thunderbike’s Night Club Has an Impressive Sibling in Silver Club.

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