Thunderbike’s Silver White Is Impressive With Its 26-Inch Front Wheel

It’s incredible at times to see just how much a motorcycle can change from its stock appearance using the right amount of parts, strategically fitted from front to end. Thunderbike’s Silver White is definitely an impressive bike with its 26-inch front wheel. We at AMERiders are amazed at how beautiful it is.

The bike is the work of a German shop by the name Thunderbike, a group that has been in the business of remaking Harleys for close to three decades now. It’s called Silver White in their books, because of the colors used on it, of course.

There are plenty of changes to go around on this build (some 20 new pieces of hardware were added), but the most obvious one, it seems, is the 26-inch front wheel from the Daytona series. The rear one measures 18 inches, and the difference between the two only adds to the visual drama of the build.

The front wheel was fitted under a custom fender and is enhanced by a bolt-on rake kit that provides 40 degrees of rake and allows for the re-utilization of most of the bike’s original hardware.

But those are not the only changes made to the once common Street Glide. As said, there are about 20 new pieces of hardware, ranging from mostly visual ones, like the various covers, to the more functional-in-nature exhaust system, supplied by Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde.

The entire bike is wrapped in just three (non) colors, black for the engine, silver for parts of the gas tank and various other body panels, and pure white to hold them together.

Thunderbike does not say how much the build cost to make, but the parts used on the Silver White alone are worth about 12,000 euros, which is roughly $14,000 at today’s exchange rates. That’s just $8,000 shy of the price of a brand new, stock Street Glide.

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Let AMERiders give you the skinny on Thunderbike’s Silver White with its Impressive 26-Inch Front Wheel.

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