Tips on Picking out that Second Motorcycle for Yourself

You can’t have just one, right? Once you get a taste, you will want more and more. Your first bike will have been a faithful teacher, but chances are you will outgrow it and you will eventually be ready for the next step. With all the choices out there, you may feel like you’re entering a whirlwind of a decision, but not to worry – picking out another motorcycle doesn’t have to be a stormy process. AMERiders is here to give you Tips on Picking out that Second Motorcycle for Yourself.


The displacement of your current bike is the first determining factor in what displacement your Second Motorcycle should be. Let’s assume that your first bike is nothing bigger than a 500cc machine (a very sensible ceiling for a first bike, incidentally). If you’ve started off on something like a 300cc, 250cc or smaller bike, then consider a bike in the 600cc to 800cc range. If you’ve started off on a 500cc or 650cc machine, then you can probably bump that range up to 1,000cc or higher (depending on how your skills have progressed and your comfort level). Whichever way you go, if you can get some seat time on a bigger bike before your purchase, then do so.


Second Motorcycle

Consider what you want to do with your Second Motorcycle: Urban riding, highway miles, track days, adventure riding, pure off-road…or some combination thereof? Once you decide what you’ll be doing, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices. This will tie into what type of bike you buy, so give this some thought. Maybe your desires will change further down the road, but keeping your immediate riding goals in sight is the best way to have the best sense of the bike you want to buy next. A quick word on track days: If you are planning on this, seriously decide whether or not you really want to take the calculated risk of pressing your only motorcycle into part-time track duty. If your budget allows for it, you should consider a dedicated track bike.



Once you’ve decided what you’ll be doing, then it’ll be much easier to pick the type of bike you want to get. If you do it the other way around, you might find yourself stuck with something that may be ill-suited to your intended uses, or worse, something you may not have actually wanted. A standard or naked bike may be well suited for urban settings and short highway stints, but tiring for long highway rides. A sports bike may be the opposite, while a sports tourer will split the difference. A cruiser will offer comfort on and off the highway but may lack the sportiness you desire. The comparisons go on. Simply be sure to match your needs and desires to the bike that best suits them.


Conventional or Synthetic

If money is not an object, then consider yourself lucky, but resist the tendency to spend indiscriminately and cultivate the habit of buying methodically and wisely. If you have limited funds, however, then your budget will probably be your biggest deciding factor. Some options will obviously be out of reach. On the other hand, some new bikes may very well be realistic options, but you also might find that the same is true for a much greater set of used bikes. Do not be put off by the used market, as it is full of promising prospects. All it takes is an even more methodical approach that is injected with extra care and consideration.

Time Frame?

Second Motorcycle

This is a relatively minor consideration, but you may or may not want to take a moment to also consider how long you intend to keep your second bike. Maybe that’s all you’ll want, or maybe you’ll want another one. Perhaps you’ll want to keep adding to the stable or own just one bike at a time. Maybe you’re thinking of a third bike, but you don’t want to put a mark on your calendar…or maybe a third bike doesn’t factor into your thoughts at all. There is no right or wrong way – just your way. You’re now in this for the long haul and you’ll enjoy it no matter what you do.

Your first bike was only the beginning. Your second bike represents a great continuation of an immensely enjoyable pastime. Choose wisely and you are certain to spend some highly rewarding quality time out on the road with what will definitely be the next big thing – and maybe the next…

~And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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