A New Trademark & Management Shakeups What’s Next for Harley?

In the wake of management shifts, Harley-Davidson has filed a new Trademark Logo with EUIPO. Although, logo trademark filings are, not quite as exciting as new bike technology patents. This one is quite noticeable as the design seems to show us that Harley-Davidson isn’t planning to stop its electric expansion any time soon. AMERiders has extra tidbits for you.

It’s no secret that Harley has had a rough time in the past few years, and most recently reported their sales had declined more than expected to round out 2019. They clearly needed to make some changes going forward. In light of this Matt Levatich, Harley-Davidson’s president and CEO is officially stepping down from both roles at the company. After serving the company for 26 years, the company and Levatich mutually agreed that the time is now for new leadership, according to a statement.


“The Board and Matt mutually agreed that now is the time for new leadership at Harley-Davidson. Matt was instrumental in defining the More Roads to Harley-Davidson accelerated plan for growth, and we will look to new leadership to recharge our business,”

Jochen Zeitz

Board member Jochen Zeitz—who turned Puma’s fortunes around and also helped bring the LiveWire project to life—will step into the roles of acting president and CEO, as well as Chairman of the Board.  Zeitz also had this to say,

“On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank Matt for his 26 years of service to Harley-Davidson. He has worked tirelessly to navigate the Company through a period of significant industry change while ensuring the preservation of one of the most iconic brands in the world. The Harley-Davidson Board and leadership team will continue to work closely together as we search for a new CEO.”

Jochen Zeitz

It is unclear at this point what the future may hold for Harley at this point unless you look at the New Trademark that they submitted to EUIPO. Harley has taken a washer and a lightening bolt to come up with a new electrified logo. With just this filing and no accompanying context, it’s unclear what Harley’s plans are for where it wants to use this logo going forward.

It’s reminds us that life can continue even when things get shook up, like the CEO of a company stepping down. Many things may have been going on prior to filing and the management shift as well.


This logo does suggest electricity, and it’s pretty easy to use for whatever electric vehicles Harley chooses to slap it on. What kinds of electric motorcycle designs would you like to see come from Harley-Davidson going forward? Even if its awakening is coming kind of late, it’s clear that the company is at least beginning to see that it needs to adapt in order to attract new customers. What do you think that looks like?

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