A Veterans Day Outing with Our AMERiders Manager

AMERiders would like to thank everyone that participated in our Salute to Our Veterans sale. If you missed it don’t worry our Black Friday clearance event is coming up soon. We will update you as we have more information on the event (dates, codes and etc.) Our customers know that we work hard and play even harder I went on a Veterans Day Outing and took some pictures and videos that I would like to share with you. Hey, even the manager gets to play sometimes too.

Veterans Day Outing
AMERiders Manager Christine and her Husband Tony

My husband and I decided to go to Pensacola Naval Air Station for the Blue Angels Homecoming Air Show which is done every year. We hadn’t been in a while, as time doesn’t always permit, so we got special tickets to sit close to the runway so we could see things better (you can see from the pictures that this was quite close). This year was the 70th year of the Blue Angels flying and, I was so glad to be there especially to help honor the fallen Blue Angel we lost this past year.

Veterans Day Outing
Blue Angels #6

Capt. Jeff Kuss who was the #6 pilot for the Blue Angels died in a crash in June of this year while flying during practice for an airshow in Tennessee. The homecoming show was amazing and at the end of the, show they did a missing man formation to Honor Capt Kuss. I was able to catch it on video. I am not the best at filming but you can get the gist of what happened at least.

I took many pictures of the Blue Angels flying overhead as well as some of the other aircraft at the airshow as well. I will share a few with you here and the rest you can find here in our gallery. As you can probably guess it is not easy to snap a picture of a jet plane going just under the speed of sound, but I got a few good shots in.

Veterans Day Outing
Blue Angels Lining up to take off
Veterans Day Outing
Blue Angels Solo Flyers side by side
Veterans Day Outing
Blue Angels Split
Veterans Day Outing
Blue Angels look how close they are






However, one of my favorite parts of the airshow besides the Blues themselves is the Jet Truck “Shockwave”. Here is a video of the truck racing an upside down plane.

If you want a close up of the truck here it is on the runway.

Veterans Day Outing

There were many pilots and aircraft at the airshow, and as usual like clockwork no matter how hard I try to stay vigilant The Blue Angels Buzzed the crowd and scared me to death. I caught the first buzz over with my camera but the second one I was looking in the other direction. All in all, it was a gorgeous air show. Lots of smoke rolled in at one point because of two of the planes flying (see below picture) It reminded me of the thick fog and Scooby Doo cutting it with a knife.





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And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Riding a Motorcycle







AMERiders loved sharing our Veterans Day Outing with you and we’ll update you soon on the Black Friday event.

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  1. Hello I’m looking for the Blue Angels 70th Anniversary shirt pictured in this article. If anyone has one (size Adult Large) they are willing to sell me please contact me.
    – Austin, Blue Angels fan

    1. i am sorry this is picture was pulled off google your best bet is to find a blue angels site or search ebay and ask there. anyone reading this blog is not going to answer you for that. sorry.

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