Veterans’ Therapy Ride to Sturgis Supported by Indian Motorcycles Again.

With Sturgis just two weeks or so away charities are getting underway with their rides and other festivities for it. One is the VCR or the Veteran’s Charity Ride. The Veterans’ Therapy Ride to Sturgis is being supported by Indian Motorcycles again, this year. This will make it the 5th year in a row that manufacturer has sponsored this ride. AMERiders would like to give you a bit of information on it.

The Veterans Charity Ride (VCR) supports veterans of the United States armed forces through motorcycle therapy. Those of us who ride motorcycles know what a joy the ride itself can be and good that it does our own minds and emotions. The VCR puts veterans together to ride motorcycles together which helps them engage in peer mentoring when they are off the bikes which is an important factor.

Therapy Ride
Getting veterans outdoors, feeling the freedom of the open road with the wind in their faces, to clear their heads and talk with one another about their military experiences in a safe environment to promote healing.

For those severely injured and amputee veterans who otherwise would not be able to pilot a two-wheeler, many of the bikes are outfitted with custom Champion sidecars for those programs that VCR works with.

Since the ride will take a little over a week leaving from Salt Lake City and ending in Sturgis, SD in time for the rally there. VCR has organized stops along the way and the cities and towns where the towns are going to welcome and honor them for the sacrifices they have made for our country. I think this is a grand gesture on these town parts.

17 riders will be participating in the therapy ride this year. Eight of them are returning riders who participated last year and will help the new 9 riders that will be riding in the event this year. 4 of the riders are women which is the most this even has had in previous years.

Therapy Ride
They’ll all spend time on the road getting to know each other

During the ride, the veterans will spend time getting to know each other and sharing their stories. We all know that multiple-day motorcycle trips can be a powerful experience. Each time you sit down around a fire or a table with your friends it brings in some good therapy when the day comes to a close. You never know when you share an experience on the road that you may have a similar past experience than your traveling companion. Although Vets do not often talk about their time in war, talking can help them to heal.

“Each year we are touched by the inspiring stories from our veterans and the incredible growth they experience from the Veterans Charity Ride. We’re honored to continue our relationship with Veterans Charity Ride, and proud of the work they do for our veterans.”

Senior Director Reid Wilson, Indian Motorcycles

The Veterans Charity Ride is a non-profit organization. If you’re feeling generous, you may donate to this fantastic cause at the VCR website.

Therapy Ride

Look for our information on Sturgis starting on Wed. of next week.

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Source: Veterans Charity 

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