Want a Cat That Runs Like a Harley-Davidson Try The Cougar by FiberBull.

Giving motorized contraptions names from the animal world is a common practice around the world. Both established manufacturers and specialized shops do it, and this is how we are faced with cars named Mustang, Viper, or Cobra. As far as motorcycles go, though, the offering is not that extensive in this respect. AMERiders thinks you will love this Cougar.

At least, not as far as established manufacturers go. The custom world, on the other hand, is filled with animal-inspired contraptions, at least in terms of the names they wear, if not something else. Most of these builds wear their names proudly, and with purpose. We’re not sure the one we have here fits that description though.

You’re looking at what once was a stock Harley-Davidson 883. It now sports a different appearance, thanks to instead extensive customization work conducted by a Spanish garage named FiberBull.

We get the usual complement of modifications, from the paint job to the added tangible bits. Draped all in black, the 883 features a modified rear, a changed front fender, and a custom fuel tank slapped between the two.

Fiberglass bodywork somewhat kept to a minimum, has been deployed in all the essential places, making the bike stand out in a crowd of its stock siblings. The entire body was propped on custom, multi-spoked rims, with the front one sitting under a modified fork, and the one at the rear working under the power of a modified suspension.

The engine was left pretty much untouched, but it did get a new exhaust system for good measure and easier breathing.

The modified 883 was christened by the shop Cougar, after the second largest cat in the Americas, and even if the demeanor of a big cat is there, probably something on the lines of Panther might have been a more suitable choice, given all else.

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AMERiders thinks that you will love the Cougar by FiberBull.

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