What Harley-Davidson Makes Jason Momoa “So Stoked”? A Low Rider S!

The Aquaman actor shared a new video of his latest addition to his bike collection, and, of course, it’s a Harley-Davidson. Jason Momoa shared he’s “so stoked” about it, but he’s just as excited about any of the bikes in his collection. And can you blame him? I guess that answers our question over here at AMERiders about What Harley-Davidson Makes Jason Momoa “So Stoked”? it’s A Low Rider S of course!

At 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m), Jason Momoa’s tall frame and build give him the perfect fit for a bike. And, as everyone knows, he loves everything on wheels. Be it a bike, a motorcycle, an off-roader, you name it, Jason Momoa will be crazy about it.

In a new series of Instagram videos (pictured in the gallery), the 42-year-old actor gives us a tour of a new addition to his collection: a matte black Harley-Davidson Low Rider S, which is a beauty. And it doesn’t surprise anyone to see Momoa adding yet another one to his collection. One of his hobbies, besides riding them, includes upgrading and fixing his bikes.

The first video shows the side of the motorcycle, writing “amazing” after tagging the manufacturer. He gleams as he shows the motorcycle features the Harley-Davidson Screamin’ Eagle 131 Stage IV engine. He adds: “I’m so stocked.

He then gives a small tour of the matte Harley-Davidson Low Rider S, gently caressing its frame. In a different story, he writes: “I’m home, baby,” as he shows the clean bike.

A couple of hours later, he returned online with yet another Harley-Davidson model and seemed excited to be back home.

so stoked

If you look at his collection, you’re going to find several vintage Harley-Davidson examples like the 1916 Model J, a 1936 Knucklehead, and a 1956 Panhead. But he also has some newer ones, like the 2020 Livewire, 2021 Pan American, a Chopper, a Softail Slim Bike, and a custom Vallkree Drifter Electric Motorbike.

Just like I said, it’s difficult to find a two-wheeler that Jason Momoa wouldn’t be completely crazy about. Especially if it’s a Harley-Davidson model.

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AMERiders asks What Harley-Davidson Makes Jason Momoa “So Stoked”? A Low Rider S of course!

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