What Would a Harley Look Like That the Green Goblin Would Ride?

Wednesday, we imagined how Batman would have looked riding a custom Harley-Davidson V-Rod born far away from Gotham, in Germany. That exercise was inspired by a build so dark it would have fit perfectly into the DC Comics universe. Just like this one here seems to have been born to serve the needs of a villain from over at Marvel. AMERiders wonders, What Would a Harley Look Like That the Green Goblin Would Ride?

Ever since the mid-1960, the various Osborns’ evil alter-egos have been haunting the lives of the neighborhood’s favorite superhero, Spider-Man, riding their nasty little gliders and throwing pumpkin bombs left and right.

Unlike Batman, the Green Goblin is not known to have been riding a motorcycle, but if he were to do that, the custom Harley-Davidson V-Rod we have here might be the perfect choice.

The build was put together by a German custom shop called X-Trem, and officially it has no connection with any superhero universe. The stage name of the thing is V-Russ, a moniker written in greenish caps over the side of the equally greenish fuel tank.

In fact, a closer look at the thing might reveal all sorts of weird creatures depicted on the body parts, creatures the Goblin would probably have liked: we get a zombie-like apparition smackdown on the center of the fuel tank, and for some reason, some kind of angry boar holding a knife on the rear fender.

The paint job chosen for the build works perfectly with the visual and mechanical changes made. We get things like a lowered bike overall thanks to custom shocks, 17- and 18-inch wheels, a Brembo braking system, a K&N air filter, and a No Limit Custom exhaust system.

The body kit chosen for the build includes the custom fuel tank, new covers all over, and the modified front fender, among others.

X-Trem does not say how much the bike cost to put together, or what happened to it since it was made. Given how we haven’t seen it involved in anything illegal, it’s probably safe to say the Green Goblin did not get its hands on it just yet.

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AMERiders What Would a Harley Look Like That the Green Goblin Would Ride?

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