Women Motorcyclists: A new fast growing trend!

Women Motorcyclists is quickly becoming a fast growing trend, and we at AMERiders think this is amazing. Mothers, sisters, daughters, entrepreneurs and businesswomen all taking up motorcycle riding like so many ladies before them. According to the online magazine Women Riders Now between 2003 and 2009, the estimated number of women motorcyclists increased 67 percent, and the estimated number of women motorcycle owners increased 37 percent.

Women Motorcyclists
Effie and Avis Hotchkiss

This isn’t a new thing, Women Motorcyclists have been around for many years, you can find out about two of the first women of motorcycling at the Harley-Davidson Museum. On May 2, 1915, Effie Hotchkiss and her mother Avis left Brooklyn, New York on the adventure of a lifetime. The mother and daughter duo were bound for San Francisco, California on a new 1915 Harley-Davidson V-twin that Effie had recently bought. After arriving in the City by the Bay in August, the pair became the first women to ride cross-country on a motorcycle. Soon afterward, Effie and Avis headed back East and arrived in New York City in October after having covered a grand total of nine thousand miles on the trip.

Women Motorcyclists
Never know who’s under the helmet

Motorcycle clubs founded by women are sprouting up all over the U.S. and in May, the first Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit was held in Denver Colorado. Women such as Eldonna Lewis Fernandez, a retired Air Force master sergeant who founded PinkBikerChic.com, and Joan Krenning, a Harley-Davidson rider who is CEO of DesignWraps Brands were featured.

Women Motorcyclists
Courtesy Denver Post

Women Motorcyclists will tell you that it makes them feel strong, independent, free and that if you’ve had a bad day or bad week that wind therapy, which some call it, will help you melt away your stress. It is a mental freedom that only those that have felt it can understand.

Women Motorcyclists
Women’s 10″ Side Pocket Boot Black

It is definitely a good thing for the motorcycle industry as not only have motorcycle sales increased, but so has apparel and gear as well. Gear and apparel specifically tailored to women are now becoming more apparent when you walk into a motorcycle apparel store as not only men’s apparel is showcased but so is ladies apparel.  From sexy tailored leather jackets to amazing graphics for a ladies helmet. Ladies are getting more and more of a selection for protective wear when they hop on their motorcycles to ride.

So, when your riding and look over at the rider that pulls up next to you don’t be surprised if it is a lady wave back at the sister riding next to you, you never know who is under the helmet.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Women Motorcyclists







AMERiders celebrates all Women Motorcyclists and encourages all of our sisters to keep riding.

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Some information and pictures were taken from an article in the Denver Post about Women Riders and an article at The Old Motor website about women motorcyclists. 

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