Women Ride like the Wind, and Why Shouldn’t We!

A group called The NE Wind Sisters help women in the northeast U.S. to connect and ride together.

You would think with more women riding their own motorcycles than ever, that riding alone or in male-dominated groups would be easier for them to do now. However, some still feel hesitant to ride alone, or in the typical male-dominated groups. Some don’t even feel comfortable leaving their own towns. AMERiders explains from some information they found on the net.

Alison Parker was one of these women until an experienced woman rider took her on a 150-mile road trip, which revealed to her the true joy of riding. Parker now runs the NE Wind Sisters Facebook group, “a group created by women riders, for women riders, who live in the northeast of America, and want to ride with the girls some of the time.”

The group started in November, with 20 like-minded women talking amongst themselves. The concept has proven to be enormously popular, with the group exploding to 600 members over the winter, which isn’t exactly riding season for most in the northeast.

Parker says “One of the main things the group is about is to help women meet women in their local areas, We have members all over New England and even down into New York and New Jersey. There’s a real mix of new and more seasoned riders in the group. It’s amazing how many women my age are starting riding for the first time. We are a group of women who all share the same passion.”

The group, and its accompanying Facebook page, already have a number of rides planned for this year, although dates are still tentative at this time.

They also have had what Parker called her ‘shout out’ rides”. ” This means someone may post asking if anyone wants to ride that day, and then others respond. Parker says that she has even ridden to meet girls just to go do some parking lot practice, which she says is a lot of fun. “I love it and want to encourage all women who want to ride. We all help each other gain confidence, and there is a certain kind of confidence one gets when you climb on a motorcycle.”

There you have it ladies… If you are having doubts get together with other ladies and ride don’t be afraid. Things are always better in numbers. Make it a ladies day out .. Instead of a ladies night out.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~



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