Wyman Brothers Take King of the Baggers Win on June 13th

It was a tough ride getting here, but Harley-Davidson finally managed to get the upper hand in the King of the Baggers competition and won the second race in the short series, held on Sunday at Road America. And not only did it win, but it swept the podium, aided by some mechanical failures in a rival Indian motorcycle. AMERiders has the story.

The Sunday race saw 11 riders get on the starting grid of the race, including Jiffy Tune Racing’s Eric Stahl, whose motorcycle burned down en route to Road America together with the truck and trailer that were carrying it to the track.

Of the 11 riders, only two were on the backs in Indian motorcycles, Tyler O’Hara and Frankie Garcia, while all the rest fielded Harley-Davidson two-wheelers. O’Hara is the winner of the previous two races, including the inaugural one last year, while Garcia was on the podium both times.

This time though things played out a bit differently, as the race was owned start to finish by Harley-Davidson riders, most specifically the Wyman brothers, Kyle and Travis, both running for the bike maker’s own factory team.


The 5-lap race started out as usual, with Indian fighting Harley for the lead, and for a long time it seemed we will have another spectacular race of our hands.

With two laps to go however, as O’Hara was trailing Kyle Wyman, his Indian gave up, and he was forced to abandon the race. That opened up the second spot for the other Wyman to come in and claim it, and at the end of the ordeal the two brothers crossed the finish line in first and second positions, followed by another Harley rider, Hayden Gillim, in third. The remaining Indian rider, Garcia, ended the race fifth.

You can have a quick look at all the action, and ultimately thrill-free Harley wins at Road America King of the Baggers in the video attached below.

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