X-Trem’s Dark Knight Isn’t Your Typical Batcycle but Fits Into the Universe

The term Dark Knight has been used over the years as a descriptor for many things, but the most famous of all has to be Batman. The two have been tied together for all eternity back in 2008 when Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight was released. And for some reason, the term seems like a perfect fit for the custom Harley-Davidson we have here, and AMERiders has the story.

Gotham’s loved/loathed hero has had over the years a wide number of vehicles at his crime-fighting disposal. When it comes to two-wheeled contraptions, the most famous is the Batcycle, which in some iteration (read comic books), is a customized street motorcycle of undisclosed make.

dark rider

The first time the Batcycle was featured on the screen was in the 1960s TV series dedicated to the hero when for a single episode only a Harley-Davidson with a sidecar was used. Later that year, a new Batcycle was introduced as the original was leased and had to be returned.

Produced by Kustomotive using a Yamaha Catalina 250, this new Batcycle (seen in picture) was first used in the 1966 film Batman and continued to appear in the rest of the TV series until cancellation in March of 1968. Most of the stunt work done on the motorcycle (special effects and CGI didn’t quite exist back then) were done by Hubie Kerns and Victor Paul throughout the series. The bike was allegedly leased to 20th Century Fox by Kustomotive for a startling $50 a week. Oh, those were the days.

dark rider

However, the bike you see here, once a stock 2006 V-Rod, was not specifically designed for the caped crusader, but it would probably have no problem fitting into the superhero’s Universe. Riding on a 280 rear wheel conversion and wearing a full-black body kit, the ride also comes with an aftermarket exhaust system and a progressive suspension setup.

The changes made to the American muscle bike are not that extensive (you can check all the extra bits in detail here), but they are effective in sending across the message of a build made to impress.

The thing was put together by a German custom shop that specializes in V-Rods and other Milwaukee machines, one that goes by the name X-Trem. And since these guys are not in the habit of telling people not directly involved how much a project costs, we are unable to tell you the price for the conversion.

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AMERiders agrees that X-Trem’s Dark Knight Isn’t Your Typical Batcycle but Fits Into the Universe.

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