Weird Things That Are Lost or Left Behind at the Annual Sturgis Rally

There are many weird things that are lost or left behind at the Annual Sturgis Rally each year, either intentionally or by accident if you are one of these people AMERiders can help you replace these some of these items. You may be thinking that it just may be small things like bandannas, lighters, and maybe a jacket or other items that get lost or left at Sturgis, well that is just not true. Each August for the past 74 years, save for a couple during World War II, bikers from around the globe have motored to the mecca of motorcycling – the Sturgis motorcycle rally in the Black Hills.

These rally goers tour the scenic highways, stop at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, cruise past the free-roaming herds of bison in Custer State Park, and speed by the towering waterfalls of Spearfish Canyon. At night, rally-goers test the taps at many a Sturgis saloon and sway to the tunes of top-name musical acts at several entertainment venues, and leave a trail of items in their wake. The Buffalo Chip Saloon even has posted some of the weirdest things that have been left behind. Here are just a few items of what they have listed before.

Weird and Wonderful things left behind at Sturgis

Some of these things are typical things you would find left behind after a rally others well you have to wonder what the heck were they thinking? Maybe I just don’t want to pack it up, or I’ll buy a new one when I get home.

Air Mattresses
Cell Phones
1 tube of Super Poligrip (1 report of missing teeth/0 teeth found)
Propane grills
Harley Davidson’s – How can you just leave your Harley at a Rally? 
Id’s and credit/debit cards

These the Chip also had pictures of, and we thought it would be fun to post them here for reference as to the weird things that can get left.

Left Behind
So many Keys!!!

Tons of keys — now you would think that if you just drove your motorcycle to the rally all you would have is your bike keys. How do you start your bike without its keys, or the car or motorhome for that matter?



Left Behind
A bottle of STURGIZZ??

A bottle of STURGIZZ?? — Ok, we don’t know what this is and the Chip didn’t elaborate either. However, if you are gonna name it, don’t leave it behind lol. On the other hand, We had ideas on what it might be but we will leave that to your imagination.



 Left Behind
Apartment furniture

Apartment furniture — We guess that Sturgis is as good a place as any to build your home. However, what we would like to know is where are the 4 walls, floor, and ceiling? Not to mention the plumbing and lighting that you would need as well. If it is to be an outdoor apartment still there are items missing you might need.


This item just overwhelmed us as it did the Buffalo Chip hence their comment. “IDK WTF this is”
Left Behind
They didn’t know what this was and were quite shocked by it, but stated if it went unclaimed, it would be sold to the highest bidder.
Help with replacing lost or left items

If you left anything at the rally either intentionally or by accident then we can help you replace it. We have a large selection of Motorcycle Apparel and Gear available at reasonable prices. Now we can’t help replace items like the ones above but we do have a list of items that we can replace and much more.

 Left Behind
DOT Full Face Skull Pile Motorcycle Helmet

We would hope that one would not leave their helmet behind especially since there are some states that have helmet laws. AMERiders has a huge selection of SNELL and DOT approved biker helmets from top brands. We have full face helmets, as well as modular, open face, and even half shell helmets for every biker including motocross helmets and youth helmets as well. Helmets like this DOT Full Face Skull Pile Motorcycle Helmet seen to the left. So if you lost or left your helmet behind let us help you replace it.

Left Behind
Colorado Sunglasses

We know that sunglasses are easy to lose, and are usually the first thing to go at a rally. Let us help keep your vision clear and free from hazardous debris while taking on the open road.We feature a selection of top rated motorcycle goggles and sunglasses in different styles to accommodate every type of rider. Whether you’re a die-hard biker or a motocross enthusiast, get the right eyewear that gets the job done. Grab a pair of our COLORADO/SMOKED LENSE Biker Sunglasses to replace your old ones

Left Behind
Women’s Motorcycle Jacket

Whether it was your leathers, a pair of gloves, Headwear or another piece of biker apparel we have you covered. AMERiders carries premium motorcycle apparel for men, women, and kids to help protect from nasty spills and the outside elements. Lose your favorite chaps? We have you covered as we have a large selection to choose from for men and women.

For the Bike
Left Behind
PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag With Studs

Did you lose a saddle bag? Tool bag or Cupholder go missing? Regardless of the gGear, your bike left Sturgis without we can help replace it. AMERiders gives bikers a variety of motorcycle luggage, bags, and other accessories to add some style to your bike.

If you lost it check and see if we have it

If you lost something at Sturgis or left it there on purpose, check and see if we have it an item that will help replace it for you.  We are always ready and waiting to help our brothers and sisters.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Left Behind







Let AMERiders help you replace anything that was Left Behind at Sturgis.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

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