List of Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets

There are many reasons to reasons that call for wearing a helmet, jobs, some recreational activities and yes even some hobbies require them as well but did you know there are some other Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets we at AMERiders are going to give you a list of a few of them. There are obvious benefits to wearing a motorcycle helmet and the main one is to protect the wearer from serious injury, however, there are some people that still choose to ignore the safety benefits and go without their helmet. There are many reasons people do this such as wanting to keep their image up, they feel uncomfortable in one, and many others. If you have a custom made helmet you don’t have to feel uncomfortable or feel like you look uncool or awkward either. Plus if your helmet becomes damaged in a fall there are things you can do instead of just throwing it in the garbage.

What possible Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets or just helmets, in general, could there be? Well how about :

Not seeing those flashing lights in your mirror or rather a smokey off your back? What are we talking about? Staying on the right side of the law is what we mean,  as certain activities are governed by the law in some states that you must wear a helmet when doing those activities. So use your noggin, stay in the within the law and wear a helmet if you want to stay clear from unwanted fines or jail time.

DOT Rodia Full Face Pearl White Modular Helmet
DOT Rodia Full Face Pearl White Modular Helmet

If you need a helmet try one of our Modular helmets that are chatterbox ready such as our DOT Rodia Full Face Pearl White Modular Helmet is the new addition to the Rodia line of products and it is a stylish convenience at its best. This Rodia RF-4 Modular incorporates the benefits of a full-face helmet with the advantages of an open-face helmet.  It features a Flip-up the shield or, with the touch of a button opens the entire front and is made with a  Lightweight Shell Design, which has an aerodynamic fiberglass shell and an ABS/Polycarbonate Alloy chin bar.  Not to mention the Large eye port opening for much greater visibility, and much, much more.

There are still many more Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets to be listed such as:

Keeping bugs out- helmets add more than personality they keep, the wind, dust, rain, and even yes bugs out of your eyes and mouth.

Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets
Storm Trooper Helmet

If you have a custom built helmet you can Rock your geeky side by having it reflect a person’s personality, such as a Storm Trooper, Ironman or any number of other geeked-out looks.

Other unique uses also include (we suggest some of these if the helmet has been damaged and no longer usable):

  • Unique paper-weight
  • Pet/Baby Carrier
  • Flower Pot/Planter
  • Unique Mail Box
Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets
DOT Vented Ladies Silver Lady Rider Shorty

But it also goes without saying that they some like full-face helmets will help you to use less sunscreen. Ladies, there are helmets for you too like our DOT Vented Ladies Silver Lady Rider Shorty this gorgeous helmet, is one of the lightest and smallest in the market.  Sports beautiful graphics of skulls, roses, and the lady rider ribbon on a glossy black vented helmet.

We have a large selection of Men’s, Ladies, and youth DOT/Snell approved half, beanies, three-quarters, modular, and full face helmets in many of the popular brands such as HJC, Rodia, MotoX and many more including a few novelty as well.

Ledt us finish this post off by saying that, if your are an Motorcycle Rider and lover like we are then wearing a motorcycle helmet is like eating to live, your gonna have to do it so do it already!

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Biker Safety Tip 6: How to Pick Up a Fallen Bike

AmeRiders is back with our 6th installment of our Biker Safety tips we have gathered tips and advice on various aspects of motorcycle riding: about riding corners, braking, looking, safety, etc. This week’s tip is How to Pick Up a Fallen Bike when you are by yourself. Everyone knows that dropping a bike sucks no matter what because they are heavy and not easy to pick up by yourself. When you’re in a pack it is a bit easier because your friends and ride mates will help you pick your bike back up but when it’s just you and the gentle breeze your SOL on help. We have come to your rescue with tips on How to Pick Up your Fallen Bike when you’re all alone!

Here are 10 steps for you and then a video helping to explain it as well.

These steps are for a bike that has fallen on its left side.

  1. Hit the kill switch and make sure the motor is off.

  2. Turn the gas off using the petcock on a carbureted bike if fuel is leaking.

  3. Make sure the bike is in gear if you can get to it. If it is not in gear and you can’t access the shifter to put it in gear, the technique becomes more difficult because the bike could roll, but it can still be done. You’ll have to find the balance point of the motorcycle between the two tires and leverage it as you lift.

  4. Standing with your butt toward the seat, stoop down, and with your right hand grab the left grip.

  5. When you grab the grip, pull it until it is as close to the tank as possible. With your left hand find something sturdy to grab hold of under the seat. Don’t grab the seat. It’s too flimsy to support the weight of your lift. Grabbing the bike by the frame is the best bet. The closer your left hand is to your body, the better.

  6. Place your butt midway on the edge of the seat. This is crucial. The placement of your butt too high or too low on the seat will not give you the leverage angle. You are pushing the bike with your butt and upper legs. You will have to pull up with your arms a bit, but mostly you will be pushing the bike up with your legs.

  7. You must have good traction under your feet or they will slip. If there is gravel under your feet, sweep it away with your boots. Same for grass.

  8. Start pushing your butt against the seat using baby steps to force it upright. The hardest part will be the beginning. Once the bike starts to lift off the ground, you’ll gain momentum to help you execute the rest of the lift.

  9. Once you have the bike up, carefully put the kickstand down and lower the bike to it. If you can’t get the kickstand with the heel of your boot, turn your body carefully toward the front of the bike and grab both grips, then put the bike on the kickstand or center stand.

  10. The process is the same if the bike is on its right side. Your hands are reversed of course. It is easier to get it into gear. Remember to put the kickstand out first so that you can ease the bike onto it once it is upright.

If you feel like there is no way this bike is going up like this, then move the position of your butt. If that doesn’t work, try changing the flex of your knees. Tries not to flex your knees too much to begin with, often when you get the angle just right the bike goes up like it’s made of paper. Adrenaline tends to push the bike over the other side if you’re not careful.

These tips  come from Carol Youorski, a BMW rider from Atlanta who traveled to rallies around the country showing people how to do it for many years. However, these tips are the same ones that are used by Harley Davidson and many others in bike rallies, bike nights and other bike shows to show how to pick up a fallen bike regardless of height and weight.

As seen below a Harley Davidson employee is showing a female bike rider how to pick up a Sportster bike.

Instructional video

Let help you be safe when picking up a fallen bike with great traction from our leather boots for men and women.

Biker Safety Tip 5: Protecting Your Feet

AmeRiders is back with our 5th installment of our Biker Safety tips we have gathered tips and advice on various aspects of motorcycle riding: about riding corners, braking, looking, safety, etc. This week’s tip is how important it in protecting your feet while riding a motorcycle and the best protective gear to wear for your feet.

Protecting your feetSome people think that just hopping on a motorcycle and riding is fun, however, motorcycles can be dangerous if you are not wearing protective gear. Wearing flip flops is a very bad thing to do, even if you are not in a moving state you can still have damage done to your foot and ankle. You may slip and your bike can fall on your foot and ankle thereby spraining it or even breaking it, and depending on how big your bike is burns can happen to your feet and legs as well. When the bike is moving it can be even worse as the skin can be torn from the foot showing the bone. We don’t like to be this graphic but it can happen and we have seen it happen.


It is important to protect your feet when riding a motorcycle and by wearing leather boots, it will help you to do this. Leather Motorcycle Boots can help prevent slippage in rain, sleet, snow and oil as well. Boots can help prevent breaks and burns while riding if a bike is dropped. Protecting Your Feet with Motorcycle boots is very important as you need your feet to ride as much as you need your hands to ride.

So when you ride, don’t forget to don your riding boots, boots don’t always look like motorcycle boots anymore they have been made to look like cowboy boots, tennis shoes and more so find the boots to fit your style. The main thing is to be comfortable and to protect your feet while riding. You don’t have to wear metal Iron Man boots when you ride but make sure they are protective.

iron man boot


Let be your choice in finding gear for protecting your feet as we have many men’s and women’s, stylish motorcycle boots available to choose from.

Biker Safety Tip 3: Why Wear Protective Gear When Riding

AmeRiders is back with our 3rd installment of our Biker Safety tips we have gathered tips and advice on various aspects of motorcycle riding: about riding corners, braking, looking, safety, etc etc. This weeks tip is about why you should wear protective gear when riding, as it can not only save your skin it can save your life as well.

biker safety
Ladies Solid Genuine Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Wearing Motorcycle safety gear is one of the smartest and most responsible things you can do as an owner and passenger of a motorcycle. It helps to protect the part of the body that it is covering. Everyone knows or knows someone that has been injured or died in a motorcycle accident at some point in their lives. We at AME Riders want to help ensure that our customers have knowledge of Motorcycle Safety which is why we post these tips for you and your passengers.

Biker Safety
Men’s Racer Jacket With Reflective Piping

What should I wear? Helmets, Boots, Jackets, Gloves, Jeans, Chaps, and Boots or a combination of these is suggested. The main and most important is Helmet, Boots, Jacket, Jeans, and Gloves. These will protect your extremities. The helmet is the most important as it will protect your head which can keep from causing brain damage. Jeans will help some but won’t necessarily help keep from having road rash, but they will keep your legs from getting too badly burnt on a pipe from your bike.

Most people do not realize that a crash can cause you to lose up to 1mm of flesh for every 1 mile per hour you are going over, 30 miles per hour. So think about that if you are hit in a 55 mile per hour crash you can lose up to an inch of flesh. 70-80 and that is down to the bone which can cause fatal bone infections if the impact didn’t kill you. This is where a jacket and chaps will come in handy, to lower the chance of road rash and those nasty infections.

Boots help not only to keep your feet from getting too badly mangled in a crash but also help to give better traction in stopping or even taking off on a bike.

Gloves will help you as we stated in a previous post your hands are delicate, and fragile even, and anyone that has either broken, burned or had something happen to a hand knows that not being able to use that hand until it heals really sucks.

Remember it is not that you don’t see them, they may not always see you.
Learning some of these general riding guidelines may help save your life and
the life of your passenger as well.

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Biker Safety Tip 2: Let it Rain, Motorcycle safety in the Rain

AME Riders loves to ensure that our customers ride safely that is why we are here with Biker Safety Tip 2: Let it Rain, Motorcycle safety in the Rain, to help you ride safer in the rain.

Most bikers hate to get caught or even ride in the rain regardless of how hard it is raining, as we all know some drivers of vehicles get a bit stupid when it starts to rain. Rain is nothing but water so what is to be afraid of unless it is raining extremely hard or falling horizontally then it is time to be a lot more cautious than usual when riding. But other than that when riding if you are wearing the proper rain gear, there is nothing to worry about.

Motorcycle Safety

When Riding if you wear a suit with reflective striping or is Hi-Vis then there you are able to be seen easier by another vehicle, which can cause less chance of an accident.  Also, a Rain suit will help keep your clothes dry and your body from becoming wet which can be very uncomfortable. Which everyone knows regardless of whether you ride or not can be distracting from whatever you’re doing, and a biker should not be distracted when riding a motorcycle, that is dangerous. Some weather can make you cold and often worse. So, make sure your rain gear is waterproof some of them are not, which defeats the purpose of being rain gear. has many rain suits to choose from in our rain gear section.

Another piece of gear to use that will help is boot covers, this particular type of gear comes in different styles but basically does the same thing all around. They have a thick rubber sole on the bottom for extra traction and durability for riding or walking. Elastic ankle straps with snaps to keep snug in motion. Not only that they keep your feet dry as well. has a few boot covers to choose from in our rain gear section.

Motorcycle Safety

The other tips are just plain common sense in riding in the rain:

  • use correct tires for riding in the rain don’t use slick tires on a wet road
  • watch for rainbows on the ground, they don’t mean they are spots to dig for gold, it means they are slick with oil and avoid them
  • Take on Railway crossings straight as possible. the railway tracks are metal, and wet metal is slippery.
  • Brake gently, not hard. If you need to urgently apply your brakes, pump them so that you do not start aquaplaning
  • Rise slower than normal. When it rains it is just smart to reduce your speed during the rain, and there are good reasons for it.
  • Spray something like Rain-X on the visor to help you with your visibility. Since we don’t have wipers on our helmets (well, maybe some might.) Rain-X keeps the rain from the visor.
  • Puddles are not as fun to ride through on a bike as they are on a cage since the water hides the surface. The puddle could, in fact, be a 3-feet deep hole. Don’t find out the hard way? Be wary as you just don’t know what you are riding into.

These are just a few small Motorcycle safety tips there are many more that will keep you safe while riding in the rain.

 LET, help you gear up for Motorcycle safety when riding in the rain with our quality Rain Gear.

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