Why so Serious? Motorcycle Helmets Are Important!

Our last blog post we gave you a chuckle but today we are going to take it to the serious side. Why are we at AMERiders being so Serious? Because Motorcycle Helmets Are Important to a rider and their passengers. Not only can keep you alive they can also help to prevent serious injury as well. We love our customers, which is why we want them to ride safely each and every time they ride, even if it is just up the street to the store. Plus, in honor of “check your helmet month,” we thought we would explain things a bit.

Which of these two helmets would you say needs to be replaced?

scractched up helmetCheck Your Helmet Month

If you said both of them then you would be correct as you cannot tell if the top helmets protective elements are still intact or damaged enough that when it is used next that it might shatter like a porcelain cup, which would not be good.

DMotorcycle Helmets Are Importantid you know that just knocking your helmet off your seat to the concrete can possibly cause it not to work effectively? A helmet is designed for just a one impact use, and while just dropping your lid on the kitchen floor or even outside to the ground may not have the same impact force as when you are thrown from a motorcycle in a crash; if you do drop it or knock it off your bike have a professional check it out to make sure that it is still safe to use, just in case.

What causes a helmet too loose its effectiveness in a crash? We are glad you asked, we did some checking around for a good explanation for you and found this bit of information from a well-known insurance company.

“When your head hits the ground (or another obstacle) during a crash, the impact is absorbed by the helmet’s hard thermoplastic outer shell and dispersed across the entire helmet. Once the outer shell has been used up, the force of the impact is transferred to the soft polystyrene inner liner.

However, because the layers of your helmet undergo such stress protecting your (grateful) noggin in a crash, there are often no protective elements left over. That’s why repeated use is usually a no-no. Some helmets may actually crack or delaminate in severe accidents — an even clearer sign the motorcycle helmet lifespan has run its course.” 

We did cross-reference this with other places and they all basically say the same thing if you are in a crash replace your helmet if your helmet is dropped get it checked out by a professional unless you can visibly tell that it is compromised.

We know our customers know Motorcycle Helmets Are Important, it is those that don’t understand why they are we want to inform, which is why if your and your helmet looked like this in your crash…..

Motorcycle Helmets Are Important

Then you should definitely replace your helmet! Even if you haven’t been in a crash then you should replace your helmet every 2-4 years as some helmet Helmet manufacturers believe others say 1-3 years. Why replace it if it has not been damage? Another good question, the answer is simple that the protective qualities of the helmet will over time begin to deteriorate, from your sweat and your hair’s natural oils. So while it may feel like your same comfortable old helmet, you could be wearing a glass helmet just waiting to crack under the first crash. Take the picture below the first glass is your brand new helmet no crash and no impacts and as the picture progresses to the end either from wear and tear or a couple of impacts and not being checked you have a crash and the last glass is exactly what happens with your helmet.

 Motorcycle Helmets Are Important

Motorcycle Helmets are important
Ladies Blossom Helmet MC5

So always make sure that you replace your helmet every so often as not only does it degrade with time but also technology in protection is always advancing and you want to make sure you have the most cutting edge helmet materials to protect you.

We at AMERiders understand helmet importance and carry a number of DOT/Snell approved half, beanies, three-quarters, modular and full face, and other styles of helmets from name brands like HJC, Rhodia, Caliber and more; as well as a number of novelty helmets as well. Ladies we also have a number of styles for you to choose from to keep your pretty little noggin safe from harm.

Motorcycle Helmets are Important

If you need to replace your visor or want to spruce up your helmet so that you don’t feel so uncomfortable wearing it we have a number of accessories for you to add to it, such as Pony, pigtails , or bows for the ladies, as well as a number of styles of horns and mohawks also.


Your Motorcycle is supposed to cost an arm and a leg, not your Protective Gear let AMERiders get you geared up at a reasonable price. Don’t forget Motorcycle Helmets Are Important too.