List of Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets

There are many reasons to reasons that call for wearing a helmet, jobs, some recreational activities and yes even some hobbies require them as well but did you know there are some other Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets we at AMERiders are going to give you a list of a few of them. There are obvious benefits to wearing a motorcycle helmet and the main one is to protect the wearer from serious injury, however, there are some people that still choose to ignore the safety benefits and go without their helmet. There are many reasons people do this such as wanting to keep their image up, they feel uncomfortable in one, and many others. If you have a custom made helmet you don’t have to feel uncomfortable or feel like you look uncool or awkward either. Plus if your helmet becomes damaged in a fall there are things you can do instead of just throwing it in the garbage.

What possible Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets or just helmets, in general, could there be? Well how about :

Not seeing those flashing lights in your mirror or rather a smokey off your back? What are we talking about? Staying on the right side of the law is what we mean,  as certain activities are governed by the law in some states that you must wear a helmet when doing those activities. So use your noggin, stay in the within the law and wear a helmet if you want to stay clear from unwanted fines or jail time.

DOT Rodia Full Face Pearl White Modular Helmet
DOT Rodia Full Face Pearl White Modular Helmet

If you need a helmet try one of our Modular helmets that are chatterbox ready such as our DOT Rodia Full Face Pearl White Modular Helmet is the new addition to the Rodia line of products and it is a stylish convenience at its best. This Rodia RF-4 Modular incorporates the benefits of a full-face helmet with the advantages of an open-face helmet.  It features a Flip-up the shield or, with the touch of a button opens the entire front and is made with a  Lightweight Shell Design, which has an aerodynamic fiberglass shell and an ABS/Polycarbonate Alloy chin bar.  Not to mention the Large eye port opening for much greater visibility, and much, much more.

There are still many more Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets to be listed such as:

Keeping bugs out- helmets add more than personality they keep, the wind, dust, rain, and even yes bugs out of your eyes and mouth.

Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets
Storm Trooper Helmet

If you have a custom built helmet you can Rock your geeky side by having it reflect a person’s personality, such as a Storm Trooper, Ironman or any number of other geeked-out looks.

Other unique uses also include (we suggest some of these if the helmet has been damaged and no longer usable):

  • Unique paper-weight
  • Pet/Baby Carrier
  • Flower Pot/Planter
  • Unique Mail Box
Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets
DOT Vented Ladies Silver Lady Rider Shorty

But it also goes without saying that they some like full-face helmets will help you to use less sunscreen. Ladies, there are helmets for you too like our DOT Vented Ladies Silver Lady Rider Shorty this gorgeous helmet, is one of the lightest and smallest in the market.  Sports beautiful graphics of skulls, roses, and the lady rider ribbon on a glossy black vented helmet.

We have a large selection of Men’s, Ladies, and youth DOT/Snell approved half, beanies, three-quarters, modular, and full face helmets in many of the popular brands such as HJC, Rodia, MotoX and many more including a few novelty as well.

Ledt us finish this post off by saying that, if your are an Motorcycle Rider and lover like we are then wearing a motorcycle helmet is like eating to live, your gonna have to do it so do it already!

Let AMERiders be your choice for a Helmet when you have an idea for Unique Uses for Motorcycle Helmets.