Our 2018 New Arrivals Are Here Check Them Out!

AMERiders would like to let you know that our 2018 New Arrivals are here and to go check them out on our New Arrivals . We have added everything from new apparel to new Items for the bike and much more. We thought we would give you a sneak peek at a few items today.

Get Back Whips

2018 new arrivalsWe are proud to present to you our new 2″ and 3″ fat get back whips. These get back whips include all the great features you’ve come to expect from AMERider’s regular get back whips like 42″ of authentic hand-braided naked cowhide leather fastened to a stainless steel quick-release clip these are just fatter.

For instance here is our 3″ Fat Red & Black Get Back Whip Each Biker whip is braided directly to a quick release clip that can be attached to either the brake or clutch lever. With a quick downward pull, the biker whip can be released quickly in case of “emergency”, and made of authentic, hand-braided leather secured to a rugged stainless steel quick release that makes this classic style accessory a great addition to your gear.

Protect your digits

Protect your hands with our new stylish gloves for men and women from our 2018 New Arrivals. Some ladies do their own work on different mechanical items and want to keep our hands looking good now we can with these, Ladies Textile Mechanic Glovesmake doing any kind of maintenance on your bike easier. Made from black mesh textile and tightened with a Velcro strap that goes over the wrist, you’re sure to keep your hands protected.

2018 New ArrivalsGents we didn’t forget about you we know you like to look stylish as well while working on your bikes and mechanical items as well which is why we made sure we had new gloves like this pair of Black Mechanics Gloves with Lightning Bolts feature vented fingers, a Velcro strap, and arcing white lightning bolts make doing any repairs on your bike stress free and keep your hands and fingers clean and protected.

Need a New Vest or Jacket?

2018 New ArrivalsDid you go to Daytona Bike week this year? Lose your vest or jacket or did it get a rip or tear that can’t be fixed well we have you covered literally with our 2018 New Arrivals. We have a great selection of new vests and jackets as well that we got in this year, to help you replace the old one.

Like this Men’s Classic Motorcycle Jacket with Zip-Out Lining, featuring a full, zip-out lining that runs through the sleeves, epaulets on the shoulders, a full panel on the back to add your clubs’ colors and awards, a fold-down collar with button snaps, side laces, and a sturdy, front zip-up closure. Why not Relive the days of the classic biker in a classic black leather jacket? 

2018 New ArrivalsOr how about our Women’s Longer Cut Distressed Brown Cowhide Leather Motorcycle Vest is the #1 choice for ladies who value practicality and smart, stylish looks. Our classic style vest, dyed in a distressed brown color and cut from genuine Soft Touch leather, features beautiful braiding on the front and back, two large concealed gun pockets with elastic straps, one interior stash pocket on the left, and two exterior stash pockets on the waist. Your comforts guaranteed with the soft orange mesh lining, four button snaps, greater length than the previous version, and leather side laces for an adjustable fit. Be sure to place your order today as these incredible vests move fast.

Get your Bling on with our Sparking Biker Jewelry

2018 New ArrivalsWe got in some new sparkling Biker Jewelry when we say it has bling its got bling. You’re going to cherish our beautifully decorated Powder Blue Motorcycle Chain Bracelet with Gemstones for years to come. This incredible bracelet features gemstones spread around chrome rollers held together by chrome outer plates, light blue inner plates, and bright metallic pins. The chrome clasp keeps the band comfortable and secure on any wrist sized 7¾” – 9¾” and makes an incredibly unique fashion accessory.

2018 New ArrivalsOr try out our Chrome and Black Motorcycle Chain Bracelet with Black Skulls especially for you. Featuring chrome outer plates, black inner plates, chrome pins and rollers, and polished black metal skulls between the links. A chrome jewelry clasp snaps solidly around wrists sized 7¾” – 9¾” and adds a great chrome look any style of outfit.

Need Storage on the Bike?

We also received different types of luggage in for our 2018 New Arrivals, tool bags, windshield bags and much more like this Textile Sissybar Bag with Reflective Stripe.  It features a strong handle and shoulder strap and it even keeps you safe by lightening you up at night with a stylish and functional reflective stripe across the large double zippered main flap.

Measuring 13″ long, 10″ deep, and 10″ wide, all three compartments are lined with a delightfully smooth textile lining. When you’re ready to ride, fasten everything to the sissybar by two large Velcro straps and two nylon straps with quick release clips and hit the road.

That is not all we got in!

We have much, much more you just have to go and check out our new arrivals section, we think you will be very pleased.

~And as always…

~Live Free Ride Hard~

2018 New Arrivals







Let AMERiders keep you up to date on our selection of 2018 New Arrivals.

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5 Motorcycle Accessory Must Haves When Riding!

Have you been told that you need this or you must have that Motorcycle Accessory for your bike? It happens to all of us at one point or another after starting out to ride and even after riding for many years and meeting new people, we have all heard that line many times. But, what are 5 Motorcycle Accessory Must Haves When Riding your bike? We at AMERiders will give you 5 of our favorites to have.

Motorcycle Accessory
Diamond Plate™ Adjustable, Waterproof Motorcycle/Bicycle GPS/Smartphone Mount

Ladies, most of you will agree with me when I say it is hard to get our men to ask for directions, guys we love you but it’s true you would get lost and still not want to ask for directions heck some of us ladies are just as guilty of this as well. So our first one is a GPS/Cell Phone holder this Adjustable, Waterproof GPS/Smartphone Mount is what you need to keep you on track no matter where you are headed. It has great features including a sun visor and interior cushion that will fit larger Smartphone’s; water-resistant bag; and handle bracket mount with a rubber-covered clamp. Measures 7-1/4″ x 4-1/4″ x 2″. and what’s more it comes gift boxed so you can give it to your favorite “I don’t need to ask for directions” person whether they be male or female.

Motorcycle Accessory
10 Motorcycle Tool Bag With UV Protection

Our next favorite Motorcycle Accessory to carry along is a tool bag, as you never know when you are going to have something break on your bike or see one of our brothers or sisters broke down on the side of the road and needing a hand. Tool bags will fasten to your bikes forks for easy reach when needed, most of our tool bags are universally fitting so that they will fit just about any make and model of bike. This 10″ Motorcycle Tool Bag is one of those tool bags it not only is universal fitting for most bikes, but it includes a hard sheet inside the bag, features a heavy duty quick release, is 100% waterproof as well as being UV protected to keep it from turning white in extreme heat and will hold its shape as well which is good.

Motorcycle Accessory
PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag With Studs

The third item we like to have on our bike is a stylish set of saddlebags, they can help carry a load of items that you may need in a pinch or if you decided you want to take a day or night trip they will work for that too. We like to keep various different things in ours, such as a rain suit important paperwork (that doesn’t fit in the wallet) and any other things that may be emergency items or anything you want to carry with you that you may need extra shirts, pants or even forbid underoos. This set of saddlebags is waterproof, universally fitting to most makes and models of bikes as are most of our saddlebags, and has a heavy duty quick release and tie downs for extra security for your bike and many other great features.

Motorcycle Accessory
Red & Black Get Back Whip For Motorcycles

The next item we love to carry on our bike is a Get Back Whip to ensure that we are seen while riding on the streets, highways and open roads. Stylish braided whips like this Red & Black one are a great way to make every effort you can to be seen and not run over, years ago motorcycles were the only vehicles with the headlight on all the time and people noticed us, now almost every vehicle made comes with daytime running lights. Our whips come with a quick release clip that can be attached to either the brake or clutch lever, and a few of them  like this one even come with a small silver skull tied to fringe for extra attention when needed, and sometimes it is.

Motorcycle Accessory
USA Flag Motorcycle Cup Holder

The Last Motorcycle Accessory but not certainly not least is a cupholder, to hold your favorite beverage to keep you hydrated while you ride.  Keeping hydrated while you ride is important! Believe it or not, most bikers don’t think about dehydration being a problem when riding, we just get thirsty, however, it is very important. Dehydration can cause headaches, disorientation, heat stroke, muscle cramps which can suck when the throttle is wide open, loss of concentration, drowsiness and nausea which is bad for the guy or gal behind you, all of which can cause crashes.

So stay hydrated all is needed is a bottle of water attached to your bike with a cup holder like this one when you stop at a red light or feel a bit thirsty pull over and take a swig it only takes a second or two.

There are many more items we like to carry with us, but these are just a few of our favorites check out our For the bike section for other items, versions, colors, and variations of these items that will help you customize your bike while also helping you to stay hydrated, keeping your tools close at hand and more.

We would like to give a big shout out our fellow Floridian that purchased the tool bags we thank you very much!

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Motorcycle Accessory







Let AMERiders be your stop to find that one Motorcycle Accessory you need for your bike.

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New 2016 Motorcycle Gear and Apparel Now Available

AMERiders has added New 2016 Motorcycle Gear and Apparel for all your riding needs, from gloves, to get back whips, motorcycle bags and so much more! When riding it is important to have great gear and we have searched found some for you. Our New arrivals are scattered throughout the store and we are sure you will love them as much as we do.

New 2016 Motorcycle Gear
Mesh Textile Mechanics Motorcycle Gloves

We have added items such as our Mesh Textile Mechanics Motorcycle Gloves will help reduce bloodshed while on the job, because let’s face it your hands are more fragile than you think they are. and this mesh textile glove comes with the chopper cross logo! These Gloves are great for any mechanic. We didn’t add just that glove check out our Gloves Section where we have plenty of gloves for Men and Women as well.

New 2016 Motorcycle Gear

We have also added a bunch of new Get Back Whips in an array of colors for your bike customizing pleasure! Such as Our Black, Red & White Get Back Whip For Motorcycles is made from Genuine, hand-braided leather around a nylon core and has a solid stainless steel quick-release, it also has matching Black, red, and white threaded fringe on ends, which has 1 small silver skull tied to it, the Clasp diameter is 3/4″ x 3/4″ and the whip is 42″ length.  These little beauties are a great way to make every effort you can to be seen and not run over, years ago motorcycles were the only vehicles with the headlight on all the time and people noticed us, now almost every vehicle made comes with daytime running lights. Today the laws may have changed but they still make a great way to catch the eye of other drivers and customize your ride, and we must make ways to be noticed.

We didn’t stop there when we were adding our New 2016 Motorcycle Gear we made sure to add luggage as well!

New 2016 Motorcycle Gear

We have also added many other items For the bike as well such as windshield bags and tool bags like this 10 INCH MOTORCYCLE TOOL BAG WITH FLAMES is made from lightweight PVC, and is Water resistant, it has a stylish Chrome stud design on flaps, the Soft cushioned lining protects your items, features Velcro closures and Grommeted holes in bottom to run wires it will Mount easily to windshield of your Motorcycle.

Don’t forget to send us your pictures, stories and events so we can post them to our gallery and events pages. Send them to gallery.ameriders @ we would love to hear from you!!!!

AMERiders will continue to give you great items such as our New 2016 Motorcycle Gear every day!


We Have Many Quality Bike Accessories to Deck out Your Bike in Style

When you need to gear up your bike you look for Quality Bike Accessories, and at AME Riders that is just what we carry. We know that no self-respecting biker rides a purely “stock” motorcycle, and we are enthusiastic about customizing our rides, we have put together a tremendous selection of top-of-the-line motorcycle accessories so you too can add some custom style to your ride.

Our Quality Bike Accessories include a variety of bags such as sissy bar, windshield, and swing arm bags, as well as solo & saddlebags, tool bags, and luggage. So you can travel as heavy or as light as you need to. For safety, we offer stylish mirrors and “get back” whips. To keep your necessities close at hand, we carry motorcycle cup holders, cell phone mounts. Give your bike an upgraded look with any of our grips, covers, cushions, tank covers, and flags. Beware of road gremlins and outfit your ride with one of our many motorcycle bells, available in a huge selection of styles.