Motorcycle Retro-Vintage New Trend or New Motorcycle Design Idea?

Little did we know when we wrote the post about Indian’s Limited Edition Jack Daniels Motorcycles did we know that we were writing about a growing trend that is starting in the motorcycle world. From cafe racer builds on 1970s Japanese bikes to brand new factory bikes with throwback styling, vintage bike style is everywhere you look. AMERiders takes a look at this growing trend and wonders is Retro-Vintage a new trend or a new motorcycle design idea?

Vintage is born on this Indian Chief Motorcycle
Limited Edition Jack Daniel’s Indian Chief Vintage motorcycle – Photo courtesy of St. Paul Business Journal
Vintage looking 3/4 Black Helmet From
Black Race 3/4 Shell Motorcycle Helmet

From L.A. to London and everywhere in between you can see the subculture of motorcycle enthusiasts around you, emerging from that is another subculture a retro-vintage type of look that is not only seen in the bike but on the rider themselves. This subculture has an affinity for odd styles however, one thing this trendy bunch has gravitated towards that can be appreciated by any motorcyclist is a fascination with old motorcycles or old looking motorcycles. It is not just the motorcycles themselves but they are also dressing the part looking like they stepped through time almost with 3/4 helmets and vintage motorcycle apparel that can be found everywhere, we at AMERiders even sell some like the helmet shown here.

Brooklyn Vintage Motorcycles Photo by Josh Kurpius
Brooklyn Vintage Motorcycles Photo by Josh Kurpius

To truly have that retro-vintage look the rider has to have two things besides the bike, the 3/4 helmet and their ray-bans to complete the look. Many have joined the retro scene just to look cool or because they have seen the look in a catalogue, or on Pinterest or Instagram. Once they have they are hooked and learn the nuances of motorcycling as they get into it and end up becoming serious riders, tinkerers, and builders.

Vintage Yamaha Cafe Racer
Yamaha Cafe Racer

However, there are more and more custom bikes being built that are using these beautiful vintage machines as a foundation for their builds. While the big custom chopper builds are fading a bit the custom bike build era is still growing strong, just in a different direction. The new style is minimalist, compact and vintage looking, and with as little bling and shine as possible.

We all know that styles change and what is old becomes new again eventually and then becomes old what a vicious cycle. What was it my mother always said? “Don’t throw it out it will come back in style eventually.” She was right on a couple of occasions about a few articles of clothing that are in my closet, too bad my figure won’t allow me to wear them anymore. The passion for motorcycles and the lifestyle that surrounds is vast and more people are choosing to indulge in it, whether it is as the hardcore biker we are used to seeing or the hipster vintage bikers that are trending today. So think about it what is your style?

We at AMERiders would like to remind our brothers and sisters that it is National Ride to Work Day on June 20, 2016, so grab your helmet and hop on your motorcycle and ride.

And as always….

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