Safety Trumps Style when referring to Protective Motorcycle Gear

Tips for Buying Good Protective Motorcycle Gear

AMERiders knows that Safety Trumps Style when referring to Protective Motorcycle Gear. When choosing between stylish riding gear or walking away from a crash the choice should be obvious. You can’t prevent an accident by wearing Protective Motorcycle Gear, but making smart choices about your gear can make a big difference if something does ever happen.

Protection Starts at the Top so use Use Your Head

Protective Motorcycle Gear

Most riders would say that a helmet is the most important piece of Protective Motorcycle Gear. A great helmet helps by ensuring significant impact and accident protection as well as helping you hear and see better while riding. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration says a rider without a helmet is 40% more likely to suffer a fatal head injury, and they also say that helmets have saved over 19,000 lives between 1984 to 2006.

Dueling Helmet Standards: Snell vs. DOT
Protective Motorcycle Gear isn't easy to choose
Choosing the right helmet isn’t easy as there are so many out there, choose wisely

While shopping for a helmet, you may notice decals from either the Department of Transportation (DOT) or Snell Memorial Foundation (Snell). Both address rider safety, however, there are important differences between the two certifications. All helmets sold in the U.S. are required to meet the DOT’s FMVSS 218 standard. However, Snell helmet standards have to go through rigorous tests that the foundation has developed.  Helmets and other headgear are voluntarily submitted to snell for testing by their manufacturers. Each helmet goes through at least 7 test types from impact to shell penetration tests to flame resistance testing. Only helmets that pass the technicians testing get certified.

Selecting the Right Helmet a simple guideline:
  • Get the proper fit. Your helmet should grip your cheeks, your jaw, the top and sides of your head.
  • Avoid used helmets. Helmets are made for one impact use, so there is no guarantee a used helmet hasn’t been compromised.
  • Remember that wear and tear may significantly reduce protection over time.
    Full-face helmets offer greater protection than three-quarter or half-shell styles.


Getting Off On the Right Foot : Choosing the right footwear

Boots are important to Protective Motorcycle Gear as well.
Women’s 6″ Lace Zipper Boot Black

When riding, your feet keep you balanced when stopping the bike. They also take a beating from the elements while moving. That’s why tennis shoes or plain old cowboy boots are not smart choices. To stay comfortable—and safe—while riding, purchase a pair of high-quality motorcycle boots, as a great addition to your Protective Motorcycle Gear.

A great sole on your feet is important to Protective Motorcycle Gear as well.
A great sole will help with traction and protection

A stiff rubber sole will help provide protection when you’re moving. As well as provide traction when you stop. Good soles can actually prevent you from tipping over if you plant your foot in gravel, oil or sand. And boots with a heel they may offer a better “hold” on your bike’s pegs.


Boots protect both your feet and your legs. While the most motorcycle boots are made of leather, some of the best boots are also reinforced in major areas. Such as shin, ankle, and calf with a strong material like Kevlar.


Choosing a comfortable protective pair of boots is vital. Your Boots should fit snug enough to stay on if you wreck, but loose enough to allow proper circulation. Quality motorcycle boots will help your feet stay dry and cool. Waterproof or water-resistant materials, as well as a ventilation system that lets your feet breathe, are important to look for.

The sole shown here is a great example it belongs to the boot above our Women’s 6″ Lace Zipper Boot Black it is a great example of a boot to buy. It has comfort, durability, and traction control. As well as an extra heavy duty traction sole for added protection and style. This boot also has Goodyear welt construction with top quality full grain oiled leather.

Get a Grip Choose Smart Protection for Your Hands

Gloves are an Important pieces of Protective Motorcycle Gear as well.
Gloves can protect your hands in a fall

Like boots, gloves offer both comfort and protection. Gloves protect your hands from the weather. They may also save your hands in a crash since it’s second nature to extend your hands during a fall. Gloves that protect your whole hand, including palms, fingers, and wrists.  Ensure that your gloves are comfortable in any weather. Great comfort can lead to better control, especially if you’re riding for long periods of time. Lastly, Also make sure you actually wear your gloves, they can’t be considered part of your Protective Motorcycle Gear if you don’t wear them.

Tough as Leather Is Not Just a Saying

Leather is great for Protective Motorcycle Gear.
Leather Gear doesn’t grab and keeps a rider from tumbling in a crash

Leather may seem like a fashion statement, however, quality leathers are an important first layer of defense between you and the road. Some materials may “grab”, leather doesn’t. A rider wearing leather in an accident may be more likely to slide, instead of doing a tumbling act, an advantage which can greatly reduce some serious injuries.

What is this about armor?

Choose Protective Motorcycle Gear that has armor attached.
Armor adds and extra layer of protection

There’s is no such thing as too much protection. Which is why so many riders use body armor in their riding attire. Built directly into jackets and pants or worn under gear you’re already wearing, armor adds an additional layer of protection

Types of armor- Armor comes in many types and styles

  • Memory foam armor is similar to the material inside motorcycle helmets and offers the highest impact absorption.
  • Hard armor is generally impact-resistant plastic with a foam interior. Hard armor tends to have less give in a fall.
  • Foam armor, usually made with inexpensive foam, offers the least amount of protection.

Dress for the Slide not the Ride

Protective Motorcycle Gear
Dress for the Slide not the Ride

Even if it is just a quick run to the store, don’t ever take a shortcut with your protective gear. Jeans and a sweatshirt won’t be enough if you’re sliding across the pavement. Riding gear may seem like overkill—and sure, it’s miserable on the hottest days—but it can help prevent road rash, broken bones, or far worse. We even wrote an article titled Dress for the ride, not the slide to explain the importance of riding gear.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Protective Motorcycle Gear







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Looking for a Quality Motorcycle Jackets

Basics to Know When Searching for Perfect Motorcycle Jackets

AMERiders understands that our customers want to purchase Quality Motorcycle Jackets, which is why we are giving basic tips when looking for one. This goes along with our last blog post of Leather vs Textile. When looking for quality motorcycle jackets you will find that they come in a wide array of styles and fabrics. This blog post is geared towards the basics of what you need to look for in a quality motorcycle jacket. We will go over the important aspects that apply to both leather and textile jacket such as sizing, pockets, basic construction, collars, cuffs, and closures. We will handle liners as a separate subject for another post.

Gussets at the rear allow the back of Quality Motorcycle Jackets to stretch without binding when reaching for the handlebars.
Gussets at the rear allow the back of Quality Motorcycle Jackets to stretch without binding when reaching for the handlebars.


Quality Motorcycle Jackets should  fit a bit loose, as there are times you’ll want to put on thicker or heavier clothes under them. The amount of protection a jacket will give you is also relevant to how well it stays put when coming in contact with a road surface. The best solution to this problem is to purchase a jacket with any type of adjustability in the waist area, like a belt or zippers, and if possible, “gaiters” on the sleeves — that allow you to tighten them against your arms.

If you intend to use body armor – which we recommend. Quality Motorcycle Jackets needs to have some kind of adjusters for keeping the jacket sleeves in place in the event of an accident.
If you intend to use body armor – which we recommend. Quality Motorcycle Jackets needs to have some kind of adjusters for keeping the jacket sleeves in place in the event of an accident.

Regarding Jackets with body armor:

Adjustability is even more important, as the belts and gaiters will ensure that your armor is still covering your vital parts even after the shock of any initial impact.

The waistband of Quality Motorcycle Jackets should be adjustable, and not just by elastic, but many different types of adjusters.
The waistband of Quality Motorcycle Jackets should be adjustable, and not just by elastic, but many different types of adjusters.

For example, when you are trying on the jacket in a store, the sleeves should come down to about the second set of knuckles on your hand. if not a bit farther when your arms are at your sides. This is because when you’re riding, your hands and arms are out in front of you. You’ll want the sleeves to end at your wrists so they can either cover the ends of your gloves or vice-versa. Also, the back of the jacket should extend about three or four inches below your belt line as to not expose your lower back. It should also be loose-fitting between your shoulder blades so that the material across your upper back won’t be stretched tight, making it difficult for you to move your arms.

It is best to remember:

A jacket that looks like a perfect fit when you are standing in front of a mirror is probably a very poor choice as a riding jacket. Ensure you try it on standing, as well as sitting on the bike as you would riding and moving around. If you’re not restricted by the jacket in any way then it is a good fitting jacket.

Quality Motorcycle Jackets should have many pockets but they must be useful.
Quality Motorcycle Jackets should have many pockets but they must be useful.


AMERiders believes that you can never have too many pockets when riding on a motorcycle. However, these pockets should have certain standards that they must meet to be useful. This is the difference between fashion and riding gear. First, each exterior pockets need to have a closure of some kind. Snaps and Velcro fasteners are okay, but you’ll fair better with heavy-duty zippers. And if possible, try to make sure that the zipper pulls are large enough that you can grip and operate them with your gloves on.

Secondly, make sure at least one of the pocket is weatherproof/ waterproof, whether on the exterior or interior of the jacket. This is for keeping things dry that could be ruined if they got wet. We believe that two side pockets, one breast pocket, and one interior pocket should be a minimum requirement. A good riding jacket will even add pockets on the sleeves for easy access to things like change for toll booths.

Basic construction:

By this, we mean how the jacket is put together. Though it is sometimes difficult to determine how well-constructed a jacket is by just its appearance. We have gathered some easy identifiers to help you. What type of thread is used? Quality Motorcycle Jackets use nylon or Kevlar thread, double-stitched, with a single or double overlap on the material, and a seam-sealing strip of material on the inner side

Collars come in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes, and you will have to decide for yourself which is best for Quality Motorcycle Jackets that you purchase.
Collars come in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes, and you will have to decide for yourself which is best for Quality Motorcycle Jackets that you purchase.


Some people hardly think to look at the collar when searching for a new riding jacket, but trust us, this is very important. Regardless of the style or shape, the collar takes, ensure the part that actually makes contacts with your neck is lined with a soft material. Most Quality Motorcycle Jackets will have a special lining around this area, made from suede or microfiber. Remember, when we ride we tend to move our heads a lot, and the last thing we need is to rub the skin raw on your neck .Collars come in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes, and you will have to decide for yourself which is best for you.

Cuffs of Quality Motorcycle Jackets should be adjustable
A cuff should have a zippered adjuster, with an internal gusset, but notice that the edging is not lined. Unless your gloves fit under it, this cuff will rub your wrist raw when riding for a long period of time.


Cuffs, like collars, should have a soft lining in the wrist area. If you are riding in a short-sleeved shirt, the cuffs will rub your wrists every time you clutch, brake or use the throttle, which will irritate your skin quickly. It’s of paramount importance that the cuffs of your jacket be adjustable, whether with Velcro, zippers, or snaps. As at times, you may want them to be snug down under your gloves. In other situations, you may want them to secure over the top of them. Regardless, you certainly don’t want them acting like miniature air scoops unless it is a very hot day.

Quality Motorcycle Jackets should have multiple closures
Quality Motorcycle Jackets should have multiple closures


As with many of the other features, we’ve discussed, the closures on a riding jacket are both different and much more important than those found on normal, everyday jackets. A simple, exposed zipper down the front is quite common and efficient on an everyday jacket, but a disaster on riding gear.

The difference with good riding gear is that the primary closure (the zipper) will be covered by a secondary closure. This is usually a single or double overlap, secured by snaps or Velcro. This helps to keep the wind and rain out of the zipper – but really aren’t much good over the long haul, or in severe weather.

We hope that this information will help you to find Quality Motorcycle Jackets that fit you perfectly for summer and winter as there are jackets made for both types of wear.

We at AMERiders want to wish you and your family a safe and Happy 4th of July!

 Quality Motorcycle Jackets

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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Our New Stylish Line of Biker Riding Boots Have Arrived!

Last week we told you that we had a surprise coming for you, something new that you would like well and w have kept you waiting in suspense since then. Well, wait no longer!….. Our New Stylish Line of Biker Riding Boots Have Arrived! We told you that we were working with a new distributor to bring you new a new and exciting line of biker riding boots and that is just what we have done, and we are sure you will love each and every pair we have in stock. We at AMERiders know that the motorcycle boot is just as iconic as the motorcycles that we ride are, and they also help define us in combination with our other gear. So without further ado here are a few pieces of our new line of biker riding boots!

biker riding boots
Men’s 13″ Harness Boot Black

Guys, we have some stylish, well-constructed leather boots that are sure to have you ready to go for a nice long road trip after you receive them. Our boots come in a large selection of sizes and also come in wide widths as well. Take our Men’s 13″ Harness Boot Black , for instance, it has a split shaft and o-ring ankle harness strap which gives it a great classic look. Plus the Goodyear welt construction ensures durability for many rides to come.

biker riding boots
Men’s 12″ Shifter Pad Engineer Boot Black

But, that isn’t all we also have another great boot from our new line we also think you will love. Our Men’s 12″ Shifter Pad Engineer Boot Black features a classic look in a lightweight package. A cushioned insole for comfort and side zipper to get in and out easily. The outsole with lightweight ABS insert keeps the weight down so you can stay moving longer. Plus it has an Upper Shifter Pad on the top of the boot to keep the boot protected while you shift. Gents both of these boots as well as our other boots come in a wide range of sizes up to 13 and some half sizes also, and we have wide width available as well. And this is just 2 pairs of our new line!

biker riding boots
Women’s 10″ Harness Biker Boot Black

Ladies, we haven’t forgotten you either, we have some gorgeous yet stylish boots for you also!  We know you like to look amazing whether on or off the bike. Our new Women’s 10″ Harness Biker Boot Black are a great biker boot that gives durability, long-term wear, and protection while being environmentally friendly. with a gorgeous harness on them as well. A great look on a classic boot, but if that isn’t quite your style and you want something with a little more flair we have more in store for you.

biker riding boots
Women’s 10″ Side Pocket Boot Black

Our Women’s 10″ Side Pocket Boot Black also gives durability, long-term wear, and protection while being environmentally friendly with a cute little side pocket on them. That little pocket isn’t just for show it can be used to stow away items you might wanna put in it, like money or pictures and more. What more could you ask for?

When you are ready to hit the road our new exciting and stylish line of Men’s and Women’s boots are ready to hit the road with you!

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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Women Riders & Ye Old Footwear Mystery How Does It Mesh?

Everyone knows the old footwear mystery that deals with women and their shoes, we like to own too many and some of us way….too many, but how does it work with motorcycles? AMERiders knows, women love their footwear, and why wouldn’t they some men do too and we don’t judge. However, there are some of us that will hop on a bike in any type of shoe no matter what it is just because we can’t bear to part with the sweet outfit look we have made for that day. Whether it very dangerous to do so or not.

Old Footwear MysteryIt is a mystery that has surrounded men and women for many years about women’s obsession with shoes. Men and some women who don’t share in this mystery don’t get it, why we have to have more shoes than guys may have underwear. Old Footwear MysteryMen can have a pair of sneakers, a pair of work boots, a pair of motorcycle boots, however, these can be the same , and a good pair of dress shoes and that is all they need. Not so with women, they need shoes to match everything, and still say they have nothing to wear.

Old Footwear MysteryWalking around in stiletto’s is one thing but trying to balance a 500lb or more bike on them is another. They biggest mystery is a woman getting on that motorcycle in these heels but you see it every day whether they are riding with their man or riding their own motorcycle these are not adequate for riding! For someone that loves their shoes aren’t they worried about scuff marks, breaking their heels, orOld Footwear Mystery what is more , dropping their bike because they lose their balance?

How many of you ladies have broken how many pairs of heels from just a normal day? It sucks, then why, do it while riding it can cause an accident and possibly cause a fatality with you or the person that was in the collision with you, plus you could lose a great pair of heels!

Old Footwear Mystery

Wearing proper riding attire is important, and can be much more of a fashion statement than wearing a pair of heels on a boot, leave that to the models for Harley, Indian or other motorcycle manufacturers. A great boot not only makes a statement it protects your ankles and feet from burns from the exhaust pipe, it protects your ankle from sprains and possible breaks if the bike is dropped while standing still and serious injuries in light collisions. The level of protection compared to heels or other shoes that women may want to wear besides boots is far superior as ankle and leg support are designed for impact as well as withstanding abrasions that can occur while riding.

At AMERiders, we want to ensure that our Lady Riders are safe while riding which is why we provide this information. We have a limited selection of boots at this time and will have new stock in shortly.

Old Footwear Mystery

Keep Checking back for our announcement of new products as we will have something coming very soon that you Ladies will love to get your hands on to complete your stylized looks. Gents you will love these items too, as they will make you look even cooler than you do now!

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Best Gear Colors






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Selecting the Proper Women’s Motorcycle Riding Gear

Some women riders of the world in correlation to men worry more about how riding gear may look on them, although they all look for function some look not only for function but style as well. Ladies can feel overwhelmed with the amount of Women’s Motorcycle Riding Gear choices that are available to them nowadays, and selecting the proper riding gear for either men or women can be difficult. There are many companies that produce gear just for women as the fit for a woman is critical, not just for style but for performance as well.

Motorcycle Helmets are important
Ladies Blossom Helmet MC5

With ladies, the main thing to do when Selecting the Proper Women’s Motorcycle Riding Gear is to ensure that it is made by a well-known company. They gear may look cute but if the material is of sub-quality then it will not offer the protection required while riding.

You want to be covered from head-to-toe if at all possible because any skin exposed can be removed in a crash which can lead to infection. Make sure your helmet fits snuggly but not that it hurts your head, search for the best one and not for the graphic that looks good to you. Even if it is your dream helmet if it doesn’t fit properly it is not a good helmet and will not give you protection.

SOUTH_DAKOTA_47188When trying on a helmet shake your head from side to side, if the helmet slides around it is too big. Always wear your hair the way you’re going to wear it when wearing your helmet during helmet fittings. An article from tells how to properly measure your head for buying a helmet. Here is a snippet from it.

“Measuring for which motorcycle helmet size will fit is actually as simple as looking for a good hat. The difference is in how the helmet will fit over the rider’s head. The best tool for this is the soft vinyl or fiberglass seamstress or tailor’s tape measure. It is flexible enough to wrap around the rider’s skull and is marked in useful increments for determining an accurate size. Use it to find which size of helmet will suit you:

  • Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of the head – this will be just above the ears and about a half-inch above the eyebrows for most – and take the measurement at the forehead. To get the most accurate measure, have a friend help with this step.
  • Take the number found above and go to the size chart for the motorcycle helmet being viewed and find the helmet size which includes this dimension in its sizing information. Each manufacturer has sizing which is specific to its own models, so only rely on the size chart produced for the motorcycle helmet being considered.

LJ238-11Once measuring has been accomplished, and the size charts scanned for the appropriate motorcycle helmet size to be purchased, the next part is ensuring that the helmet lives up to its shape and size designations. There is always some variance, even between different models from the same manufacturer, in how a motorcycle helmet actually fits on the rider’s head. Thus, a fitting is often necessary.”

Also, remember that if you are wearing an open face or half helmet, etc. then you should wear protective eyewear such goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes not only from the sun but from dust, the wind and other particles.

On to Jackets and pants/chaps the decision between leather or textile is up to the wearer ,however,  leather weighs more and isn’t waterproof, whereas textile is (made from a variety of durable and abrasion resistant materials) is lighter (sometimes bulkier) and water-resistant or even waterproof.

Women's Motorcycle Riding Gear
Women’s Leather Chaps With Pink Stripes

Quality Women’s Motorcycle Riding Gear is designed to fit comfortably while your riding on a bike. CE-Approved armor is a great thing to look for as it helps to absorb energy in a crash as well as protect impact points such as the elbows, shoulders, back, knees and hips. During warm weather/climates, venting should be important, but on the other side with cold weather/climates, the ability to layer is important as well.

The preference of textile over pants or chaps is what works for the wearer. When ordering online such as from us at AMERiders check sizing charts and get a tape measure to help you out.

Women's Motorcycle Riding Gear
Stitched Eagle On Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

Your hands are very important to protect (see our previous article here on hand protection) so protecting them with gloves is very important, because if your hands are injured you can’t ride your bike, write, type, or do other things with your hands that you love to do. You must depend on others to do it for you. Think of having to get help to unbutton your jeans to go to the little biker gals room… Wear your glove ladies… keep them protected.

Women's Motorcycle Riding Gear

Boots, like gloves and your helmet, are 1 of the other important parts of your gear. Even if you just drop your bike standing still you can injure an ankle if not wearing boots that will help protect you from injury. Boots can help to protect from burns, sprains, and other ankle injuries when a bike is dropped or in a crash, as well as provide traction for taking off and stops. (our boot selection is in limited stock so get yours here now before they are all gone.)

Let us leave you with this last parting thought choosing gear that fits correctly is important , you want it to fit so as it is not distracting while you ride, plus seeing a lady fidgeting with her gear while she rides is not lady-like and is also distracting to other riders… Plus it means your not paying attention to the road but to your clothing more.

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Live Free Ride Hard- AMERiders






Let AMERiders be your stop for all your Women’s Motorcycle Riding Gear

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And speaking of for all you CVMA brothers and sisters here is an event for you…

2nd Annual Friar Tuck Memorial Dice Run-

The ride starts at American Legion 402, 17680 Ashley Drive in Panama City Beach. Registration with breakfast is from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and the last motorcycles go out at 11:00 am. The ride fee is $15.00 for the rider and $5.00 for a passenger. Cash awards will be given for the high and low score. The event also includes a 50/50 drawing, raffles, music, bike games, food and more. For more information call (850) 381-4372

Protect Yourself! Dress for the Slide Not the Ride!

It is important to Protect Yourself when riding on a motorcycle, most of us have heard the saying “Dress for the Slide Not the Ride“, and this saying holds true. When you dress for what is going to happen not for what you are doing, you are more prepared for the eventuality of what might happen even if it never comes. Protect YourselfLike the person that always uses an umbrella even though it is not raining, they are protected from the sun, but if that eventual rain pour comes they are ready for it.  Preparation, as well as Protection, is important and we at AMERiders thought about that when we set up our website as we wanted our customers not only to be happy and satisfied but well protected as well.

Protect Yourself
Protective Gear Info Diagram

Even though the warm weather is coming up or for some of you, it may already be here it is still important to Protect Yourself from head to toe when riding. With protective gear worn brain injury, major infections, loss of limbs or even death can be prevented. (See the diagram on the left for more info).

There are many different types and styles of protective gear that can be worn to help prevent possible injuries during a fall. Even just dropping your bike while stopped without sturdy boots on can have consequences. We have a large selection of protective gear to help you keep your dome, arms, legs, and other major and even minor parts safe.

Remember, April is Check your Helmet Month,  and since it is if you need to replace your helmet we have a nice selection of DOT/Snell approved half, beanies, three-quarters, modular and full face, and other styles of helmets from name brands like HJC, Rhodia, Caliber and more; as well as a number of novelty helmets as well. Ladies we also have a number of styles for you to choose from to keep your pretty little noggin safe from harm.

Protect Yourself
HJC FG-17 Force MC1F Full Face Helmet

Wearing a full face helmet such as our HJC FG-17 Force MC1F Full Face Helmet that  is a mid-level sports bike focused helmet, that lets itself be influenced by its big brother, the uber race ready RPHA-10. This gorgeous red and black helmet is packaged to be heavy on performance and value, and it features adjustable flow through vent ports help to keep searing heat in check while the SilverCool™ liner adds comfort and proper comfort. Using a helmet can help protect from serious brain injury .

We also have a Large Selection of Men’s, Ladies’ and children’s’ leather jackets, chaps, leather and denim vests as well as textile apparel. Wearing this type of protection can help prevent bruising, severe infections that can lead to death, skin loss, and much more. We have jackets with and without armor, as well as with and without reflective piping.

Protect Yourself
Men’s Jacket With Reflective Strip On Front Back in Blue

Textile apparel is great for protection like our Our Men’s Jacket With Reflective Strip On Front and Back is made from lightweight nylon and mesh material and features a lining that zips out, a reflective strip on the front and back for safer rides at night, removable foam based Certified Armor on the elbows, back, and shoulders, strap on the sides and zippered cuffs for better fitting.

Protect Yourself

Protecting your hands is important as well. We also have a nice selection of apparel to protect those digits of yours from harm, because if you can’t use your hands you can’t ride your bike. Gloves ranging from fingerless to gauntlet and much more. Like our Mesh Textile Mechanics, Motorcycle Gloves will help reduce bloodshed while on the job because let’s face it your hands are more fragile than you think they are. and this mesh textile glove comes with the chopper cross logo!

If those items aren’t your style we have tons of other apparel items that may be your style that could help to protect you and your loved ones in a fall.

Let AMERiders help you Protect Yourself from serious injury with our premium leather and textile apparel.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

Who Really Uses Matching Motorcycle Gear

Matching Motorcycle GearMatching Motorcycle Gear is not uncommon in the motorcycle community Men and Women both do it, it is not just done by motorcycle racers but every rider who wants to look sleek and cool. Gear is matched from the helmet right down to the boots, and it may or may not be matched to the bike as well. At, we have many different items for both men and women from apparel items down to items for your bike that will match to a tee.

Matching Motorcycle GearWhen you’re looking for things to match and you are a card player why not look up our Dead Man’s Hand Logo items such as our Dead Man’s Zipper Puller, Dead Man’s Hand Boot Chain, or our Dead Man’s Hand Logo Pin set for your saddlebags, tool bags, windshield bags, jackets, or vests. Ladies, we didn’t forget you we also have Women’s Bag With Dead Man’s Hand Studs for you to keep your items in while riding.

Guardian BellsWe have not forgotten our military service personnel missing and unaccounted for in overseas wars and have many POW/MIA items that you can mix and match as well, such as our DOT POW/MIA BEANIE HELMET, our Men’s Plain Vest With POW which is made from top grade leather, and displays the red POW logo on the front and back, if you need to extend that vest size at any time try our POW/MIA Design Vest Extender, as well as our POW Logos pin set, but that isn’t all we have much more including ladies ride bags, bells and patches.

Matching Motorcycle Gear even extends to apparel and we have Men’s and Ladies Apparel that you can match as well such as our father and son matching leather club vests. Cause we all know that kids matching their parents in gear is just super adorable.

Let help you find your Matching Motorcycle Gear

Motorcycle Jewelry Is Hot for Valentines Day This Year, and Your Lady Is Sure to Love It!

Guys Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know that means your need to be looking for something to show your lady how much she means to you! Why not choose one of our pieces of Motorcycle Jewelry that will fit her style and shows how much you care in the process. We have a wonderful selection of Necklaces, Bracelets and more that is sure to fit her style.

Motorcycle Jewelry

If she loves her watches she is sure to love this Brown Watchband with Lock and Key it is the perfect gift for any lady in your life, and she will love the leather and chain wristband with locks as well as the added touch of a heart shaped watch in the middle. Plus it has and easy on and off with the snap closures, and if Brown is not her style we have a brown version that is very similar with our Black Wristband Watchband With Hanging Skulls.


Motorcycle Jewelry

However, if she is not that cutesy and she is more into the heavy duty biker themes then we have our Heavy Duty Black Red Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet, that also comes in at least 6 other colors as well as other widths. It is a heavy duty black & red stainless steel motorcycle chain and is approximately 3/4 inches wide.

We also have many necklace options to for that special lady in your life from our Leather Necklace With Crosses Studs which is a stylish leather necklace featuring many metal crosses and studs. To our Braided Necklace  which is made from genuine leather and features a stylish braided design, it connects with snaps and has a smooth leather finish to the outer set of rings.

Don’t worry we have many items for you gents as well to suggest to your ladies for gifts as well such as our Gun Lighter And Holster Wristband is just the thing for smokers and gun lovers. It is a leather wristband with a gun holster attached. The gun is a lighter that comes with the wristband. The wristband is adorned with a skull and studs as well as mach bullets. Don’t fret we have more that is just the top of the gas tank so to speak.

Everyone loves a little bling including bikers, whether you’re a biker dude or chic, Motorcycle Jewelry is one thing that is a part of your wardrobe. At AMERiders, we have a large selection of quality Motorcycle Jewelry for Men and Women in various styles and colors. Regardless of whether you’re looking for Bracelets or Necklaces, and More to fit your style.


Textile Apparel can add Power to your Ride!

Textile Apparel can add Power to your Ride!

If you want to add some power to your ride and feel like a superhero ensure you wear textile apparel.

When looking for premium quality textile clothing look no farther than AME Riders, as we have a large selection of Men’s and Women’s Motorcycle Textile Jackets to choose from in many colors and styles to fit your needs. In a wide array of colors, with or without Certified Armor, with and without venting we have a textile jacket to meet everyone’s needs.

But why wear Textile Clothing? Some textile garments like Motorcycle protective gear are of course by definition made to be highly durable. These pieces of clothing are made out of Kevlar, Cordura, ballistic nylon, which are some very tough fabrics and if layered properly can stop stops bullets and knives. However, when coupled with other pieces of protective motorcycle gear such as carbon fiber knuckles intended to withstand crashes at expressway speeds, and substantial leather boots with oil-resistant anti-slip soles you tend to feel more invincible. It doesn’t stop there though there is much more such as Certified Armor (CE), removable pads, or even plates that can be hidden throughout the fabric of your gear to help protect major and minor parts.

Never fear looking like a freak, if you walk out in public in full riding gear (your riding armor)  it’s socially acceptable, unlike wearing a suit of metal armor, which could get you arrested or taken to the looney bin. It’s designed to look like regular clothing as much as possible, so you leave the house, feeling as safe as possible with hardened knuckles, anti-slip boots, dagger-proof fabric and high-impact pads. Don’t worry about looking silly as long as your protected.

So while you may look like this:

Be safe in riding gear
Always wear protective gear

You will feel like this:

Feel Like You have Power
Feel Like Your Badass

There are many pieces of protective Textile apparel available for both Men and Women such as this Men’s Black and Green Mesh Nylon Motorcycle Jacket or this Women’s Textile Racer Jacket with Multi-Pockets. Both have removable padding or armor, lightweight material, and packed full of other features. Take a look at our other styles and colors of textile apparel at AMERiders, we work to protect you while you ride.

Let AMERiders Meet Your Textile Needs with Our Men’s and Women’s Textile Apparel.

Ladies Biker Gear, Why Should You Think is a Good Idea!

Ladies Biker Gear, why should you think is a good idea to wear it? Not just you the reader, but everyone that reads this blog should.  As wearing  just a t-shirt, jeans or shorts and flip flops or tennis shoes while riding a motorcycle can spell disaster for the rider. WHY? Because asphalt hurts and can tear you up from head to toe! Plus if the crash doesn’t kill you then other things from the crash might let us elaborate on this.

Ladies Biker Gear
Ladies Blossom Helmet MC5

When riding it is best to wear Gear from head to toe, such as helmet, jacket, gloves, boots, and chaps. Why? Because each and every one of these particular pieces of gear will help protect their particular body part, at least in some manner. we carry each of these pieces and more to help keep you and your passengers protected while you ride.

As we have previously stated in one of our Biker Safety Tips ”

Jeans will help some but won’t necessarily help keep from having road rash, but they will keep your legs from getting too badly burnt on a pipe from your bike.

Ladies Biker Gear

Most people do not realize that a crash can cause you to lose up to 1mm of flesh for every 1 mile per hour you are going over, 30 miles per hour. So think about that if you are hit in a 55 mile per hour crash you can lose up to an inch of flesh. 70-80 and that is down to the bone which can cause fatal bone infections if the impact didn’t kill you. This is where a jacket and chaps will come in handy, to lower the chance of road rash and those nasty infections.

Ladies Biker Gear

Boots help not only to keep your feet from getting too badly mangled in a crash but also help to give better traction in stopping or even taking off on a bike.

Ladies Biker Gear

Gloves will help you as we stated in a previous post your hands are delicate, and fragile even, and anyone that has either broken, burned or had something happen to a hand knows that not being able to use that hand until it heals really sucks.

It is always important to wear Eyewear as your eyes help you to scan the road for debris, dangers to you and others, and to help you see the road.

Ladies Biker Wear

Ladies are bikers too, and we love to look amazing while riding our bikes or with our men. At AMERiders, our Ladies Biker Gear is not only stylish it is comfortable as well. We carry many styles and colors of women’s leather chaps and pants, vests, as well as leather Jackets, fashion jackets, and racer jackets. We also have a large selection of Women’s Apparel such as bras, bustiers, halters, skirts, shorts, and panties as well as other fashion items such as gorgeous denim and textile apparel. While you are gazing at all our gorgeous women’s clothing don’t forget to look at our amazing rose collection as well.

Remember it is not that you don’t see them, they may not always see you.
Learning some of these general riding guidelines may help save your life and the life of your passenger as well.

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