Keep Cool While You Ride in Hot Weather with These Tips!

Most motorcycle enthusiasts will ride year round especially the ones that consider themselves hardcore biker and even some of the ones that just love to ride no matter what the weather is. Keeping cool while you ride in hot weather is extremely important to your health and wellbeing, which is why we at AMERiders want to give you these tips for staying cool while riding in hot weather. Following these simple tips will help you not to feel like you and your bike are going to burst into flames like the Ghost Rider on a hot summers day.

Feeling like the Ghost Rider in Hot Weather
Nickolas Cage as Ghost Rider

We all know that riding in the blazing heat can be excruciating at times and if you don’t stay properly hydrated then heatstroke and dehydration can occur. But why do we feel so much hotter when riding, of course, we have a big engine propped right underneath us with little to no buffer between us and it. Couple that with the burning sun and you have a big heat bubble going on. However, there is more science going on than just that big heat bubble going on. Thus, you may feel as I said before like you and your bike are going to burst into flames like the Ghost Rider.

Sweating cools you off in Hot Weather
Sweating cools the body

Sweat, what is that all about? Your body has to find a way to regulate the heat and it does so by sweating. As it is released from the body landing on your skin it evaporates thus cooling your body. Evaporation is the main method that sweat uses to cool the body. It works on the principle of “latent heat of vaporization.” Latent heat is the amount of heat absorbed or released when a substance, like water, changes state, such as from liquid to vapor. Thus, as it vaporizes, it pulls heat out of the body, cooling you down.

Light Textile Jacket for Hot weather
Men’s Green And Black Mesh And Nylon Motorcycle Jacket

Warm weather riding gear is important especially if you ride with full protective gear, or ATGATT (all the gear all the time), which is always the best option for safety. Warm weather riding gear is made specifically for riding in warmer weather as it has vents to help you stay cooler. However, no matter how much venting it has when you stop at a red light and are idling in traffic you will begin to sweat no matter what, but once you are moving again that sweat will turn cool and you will be thankful for it. A Light Jacket made from a textile material with venting is great for riding just like the one to the left that we sell at AMERiders.

Balancing Body Heat in Hot Weather
Balancing Body Heat

The reason behind this is simple it is a process called convection. Convection is the transfer of energy by means of moving air that surrounds the body. When the air and the skin are at different temperatures, heat transfer occurs from the place of higher temperature toward the place of lower temperature. This means that when heat is removed from the body during sweating it warms the around it, the wind pulls this air away replacing it with cooler air. this is commonly known as wind chill. When the air temperature is higher than the skin temperature, you will see the opposite effect a sort of reverse wind chill. Traveling at high speeds in high heat, the amount of heat entering the body through convection drastically increases. You might think that wearing more clothes in such heat would be a bad idea, however, the opposite is true. The amount of heat that has to be lost through evaporation, or sweat, also must increase.

Wetting down can help in Hot Weather
wetting down can help

When wearing any type of wind breaking material the amount of heat inflicted on the body through convection is dramatically reduced. Thus reducing the amount of heat that your body must lose through evaporation (sweating). See The image above of Balancing body heat to see three scenarios of sweating at high temperatures (103°F).

So for your Tips to keeping cool wear a long-sleeved, and if possible an item that is made from a moisture-wicking material. The moisture-wicking material draws sweat away from the body to be evaporated through the shirt, aiding the cooling process. Conventional materials can simply trap sweat next to the skin, will limit evaporation. The key is airflow. If there is no air movement over the material, then the shirt will become over-saturated, and sweat will not evaporate.

Drink Plenty of water in Hot Weather
Drink Plenty of water

Wetting down can drastically help when the reverse wind chill has kicked in, Some techniques for wetting down include neck bandannas (particularly those with water-absorbing crystals), wetting down a regular cotton t-shirt, or even pouring water directly into your helmet, or over your head.

Ensure that you are always drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated when riding in hot weather. As covered in the above graphic (balancing body heat), the difference between covering up or not is about 20 oz./hour and 40 oz./hour, respectively. Ensure you either wear a camel-back-type water bag or carry extra cooled water bottles in your pack. Caffeine and alcohol are diuretics, which cause you to urinate and lose more water. When it’s hot, steer clear of sugary drinks, caffeine, and alcohol. Also, never drink alcohol directly before or during your ride.

Watch out for tar snakes in hot weather
Watch out for tar snakes

One last tip: Tar snakes are a hazard for both motorized and pedaled two-wheeled vehicles and their riders. Many states use a tar-like material to fill in cracks on the roads; these can become quite slippery when it’s hot. Avoid them if possible. Treat them the same as railroad tracks by crossing them at 90 degrees and in an upright position.

Keep calm in hot weather
Keep calm in hot weather

Riding in really hot weather is not bad when you’re prepared for it, ensuring you are hydrated, your skin is covered and you avoid hazards are key and you will have a great ride. Hot weather usually means lots of sun exposure, so investing in some good sunglasses or a darkened visor can help to prevent headaches caused by sun glare. Most importantly and we can’t stress this enough don’t forget to put sunblock on the back of your neck where your riding gear leaves the skin exposed.

Remember above all else to reduce the effects of convection, through covering up and wetting down, and this will reduce the amount of heat that your body must deal with through evaporation. Covering up in the heat will keep you cool although it may not seem like it to your brain, your body will thank you later.

Don’t forget that June 20, 2016, is National Ride to Work Day hop on your bike and rid into work proudly. 

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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Haven’t Learned How to Ride Yet? 2016 Is Your Year to Learn!

AMERiders understands if you Haven’t Learned to Ride a Motorcycle Yet? So why not make 2016 the Year You Do and find out what true freedom feels like! If you have never ridden on a motorcycle, even as a passenger then the comprehension of someone telling you it feels like true freedom can’t be fully understood. It’s time to stop the talking about it, you have said for years you were going to learn and this year it is time to do it.

Learned to Ride a MotorcycleGo get your permit from the DMV and go to your local recognized training provider, Harley-Davidson has courses for new riders to help get them certified. Taking a safety course is important because it will help you get cheaper rates on your insurance, and give you well-rounded knowledge on how to handle yourself on the roads. Another reason is that these classes will help you to meet other riders in your area so you don’t have to ride alone. Often these classes can help you obtain the license if it is held by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation itself.

Learned to Ride a MotorcycleWhat are some other reasons to learn how to ride? A motorcycle makes you look cool to the ladies and sexy to the guys. While riding a motorcycle the stress just melts away and your worries and cares do too. When you commute it makes it more fun and they are even greener than cars are.

Motorcycles can even help to improve your health believe it or not, as a man that weighs 180 lbs will burn 40 more calories and hour riding a motorcycle than driving a car.  Still giving excuses as to why you Haven’t Learned to Ride a Motorcycle Yet? Well chew on this, you will meet the nicest people on motorcycles, riding down the interstate and highways on a motorcycle and passing other riders you will see waves or nods or extended feet when you pass them almost consistently. You may not know them from Adam’s housecat but they are going to extend a greeting of some sort, and if you are broke down on your motorcycle, you may have one of them stop to help you.

Learned to Ride a MotorcycleThe connection to the world around you is what is amazing and nothing can beat it, there is not a way to describe it. I once heard someone say once that you’re no longer looking at shadows, but seeing the true objects of the world, experiencing them with all your senses. This is so true, so if you Haven’t Learned to Ride a Motorcycle Yet, make 2016 the Year You Do and find out what true freedom feels like!


And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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AMERiders wants you to get out there and learn to ride if you Haven’t Learned to Ride a Motorcycle Yet.

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Share the Road and Be Aware of Everyone and Everything!

Since May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month there is an appeal by several organizations including the AMA, to share the road with each other and to be extra aware of everyone and everything around them, and we at AMERiders want to encourage this as well. Making yourself more visible to other drivers is important so that they not only see you but notice you as well (and yes, these are two different things).

AMERiders wanted to put this blog post out not only to our brothers and sisters but to our friendly drivers that follow us as well. It is important for EVERYONE to look out for each other as what some drivers may not realize is what can be a small crash to them can be life threatening to a motorcyclist. It is very dangerous for a motorcyclist to not pay attention to their surroundings as oil, pedestrians, and even a stray animal can be fatal to them. So please pay careful attention when riding and driving and share the road.

share the road
Can you see the rider

During the winter months, drivers don’t see motorcycles as much as they do during spring and summer months, and without seeing us on a daily basis, it is easy for drivers to forget about those of us on two wheels motorized or not.

share the road
Watch your mirrors

It is important to check mirrors and blind spots before changing lanes and, especially, to watch for motorcyclists, bike riders, and even pedestrians. As they are not as easy to see as other larger vehicles are. As AMA president and CEO Rob Dingman, states “The warmer weather in May brings out the riders who have been unable to ride all winter, so it presents an excellent opportunity for us to educate the non-riding public about the safety issues that affect motorcyclists every time we roll out of our driveways or onto a trail.”   

share the road
Remember to Share the road

Drivers can avoid a crash with a motorcycle by and looking twice to spot motorcycles in traffic, and even more carefully at intersections, respecting a motorcyclists’ riding space by not following too closely, Which should not be done with any vehicle anyway. Not all bikers are bad drivers which some drivers have a preconceived notion about, we don’t all race and go in between traffic and weave around, in reality, a lot of us are safe motorcycle riders.

share the road
Share the road with everyone

Even though May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month it is important to share the road with everyone, and everything that does not have 4 or more wheels to it. It is crucial to pay attention to everything and everyone around us so as to ensure that there are no accidents or fatalities. So remember to share the road with everyone and everything that has less than 4 wheels, 2 or even 4 legs. We want everyone and everything to be safe.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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AMERiders encourages all riders and drivers to share the road and be aware!

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Which Gear Colors Work Best for Visibility to Other Drivers

Ensuring safety each and every time you ride is important especially at this time during the year when motorcyclists are just starting to get back out on the road and ride. It is a question that many riders ask “Which Gear Colors Work Best for Visibility to Other Drivers” well, we are here to help answer that question. The obvious Best Gear Colors answer is bright colors which is true, however, there is more to it than that.

Best Gear Colors
Men’s Green And Black Mesh And Nylon Motorcycle Jacket

Each and every day many motorcyclists are injured on the road because drivers say “I didn’t see them” is it their fault or is it the riders fault? How could it have been prevented? In many ways, the driver could have looked and paid more attention to his/her surroundings and the rider could wear some of the Best Gear Colors that would make them more visible to other drivers during all times of the day.

Best Gear Colors

Wearing Reflective or fluorescent clothing will lower your risk for crashes as you are more visible than you would be wearing darker colors. A study shows however that most riders wear either black, blue, or brown clothing on the upper body and black or blue clothing on their lower body. Even if you wear darker colors adding a reflective stripe or piping to them can raise your possibility of being seen.

Main reported helmet colors that are mostly used are black, white, and red. In comparison, there is a lower risk of a crash happening when wearing a white helmet versus a black helmet. Similar associations have been found with orange and yellow versus red. If you really want to be noticed don an HI-VIZ helmet like the one shown here. Plus adding reflective tape to your current favorite helmet will also help.

Using reflective piping on various pieces of gear will help as well like these cool looking Motorcycle Sissy Bar Bag Trunk With Skull the reflective skull will definitely get you noticed by other drivers, and it is made from PVC material which means it is waterproof helping you to be seen in the rain as well.

Best Gear Colors

Something else that can also help is if you use headlight every time you get on your bike not just at dark or. at twilight, it will help you be seen more often. Research has shown that consistently using your headlights during the day can decrease the risk of an accident by making you more visible to passing drivers. Headlights increase the odds of a driver not only noticing a motorcycle but seeing them as well. To a motorcycle rider seeing and noticing are two different things. When both happen then the risk of collision is lowered.

“A 2004 study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that use of headlights led to a 23 percent reduction in opposite direction crashes involving motorcyclists, as opposed to a 5 percent drop for those in passenger vehicles. Experts say that oncoming motorists are able to detect a headlight long before they can make out the motorcycle or its rider. The headlight provides an extra bit of warning, something that might be the difference between a dangerous accident and a safe journey home.”

So to sum up some of the Best Gear Colors to wear are White, HI-Viz yellow, orange, any fluorescent colors, and reflective striping and piping on your gear, and yes ladies even pink will work! There is more of a risk for a crash when not wearing fluorescent or reflective clothing,a non-white helmet, or even not using headlights during the day. So wear what will get you seen and use your headlights. You don’t have to look like a crossing guard or a safety worker to get noticed while riding but being safe is important.

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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Motorcycle Safety Tips for your Next Motorcycle Ride!

At AMERiders, we know it’s important to know various different Motorcycle Safety Tips so when you gear up for your next ride you are well-protected &safe. Here in our Second Segment of Gearing up for Spring Motorcycle Riding, we give you some other important tips for your next motorcycle ride, as well as a video from some friends in Northwest Florida.

Motorcycle Safety TipsWith Spring upon us and Summer fast approaching riding season is getting into full swing, and there will be a lot of motorcyclists on the road riding. It is important to keep your understanding and knowledge of Motorcycle Safety up to date at all times to help keep you and your passengers safe and healthy, and better yet even alive. There are many different things that can help keep you, your bike and your passengers safe. We have already given you many of them in our segment on gearing up for Spring Riding, we wanted to add to that knowledge a bit more.

“Respect your Ride” and it will help protect you! This is done by staying on top of maintenance such as ensuring that any Worn Brake Pads or Drive belts are replaced and checking for leaks or potential issues that could cause safety problems. These could be loose wires and other problems as well, always ensure that your tires are properly aired up and your brakes and clutch are working before leaving out on your motorcycle. More importantly, if your ride is not ridden consistently or more than 25 miles a week use a fuel stabilizer.

Motorcycle Safety Tips
Men’s Leather Jacket With Zippered Cuffs

Wearing bright colors helps other drivers and even other motorcycle drivers see and notice you, yes these are two different things because a driver may see you but not notice you. Those are deadly words a motorist can utter to a Police officer ” I just didn’t see them” We are much smaller than a car, truck or SUV so it takes effort on our part to ensure we are not only seen but noticed. So bright colors like this Men’s Leather Jacket With Zippered Cuffs can help other drivers see you.

Motorcycle Safety TipsIf you Look, React and Stay in control then you will always be able to Expect the unexpected. Including and we shouldn’t have to mention this don’t drink and ride. Ensure that you are endorsed in your state for riding a motorcycle. Also, staying up to date on any motorcycle training given near you will also help you with other Motorcycle Safety Tips that may be new or helpful.

Always wearing a motorcycle Helmet that is either DOT approved is important even if your state doesn’t have a motorcycle helmet law, and knowing your state laws for motorcycles is very important. Helmets can prevent approximately 37 % of fatal injuries in drivers and 41% of fatalities in passengers. So be smart and wear your helmet!

Motorcycle Safety Tips
Men’s Hard Knuckle Leather Suede & Textile Gloves

Your hands are important as you need them for just about everything you do in life, and if they are injured they take a long time to heal and your bike will be sitting while they do. So ensure you wear protective gloves while riding as they will help to protect from abrasions and even injuries. Gloves that have knuckle protection like these Men’s Hard Knuckle Leather Suede & Textile Gloves will help to protect your knuckles from serious injury.

So, there you go a bit of extra information to go with your last weeks Motorcycle Safety Tips, and Gearing up for riding, and if you don’t believe what we are telling you is true check, out this video from our friends over at Adventure MotorSports NWF in Pensacola, Florida!

~Live Free Ride Hard~

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Motorcycle Road-Trip Planning What to Pack for Your Active Trip!

Traveling season is coming up and whether it is hopping in the car and heading out or hopping on the bike and letting the wind blow through your hair there is always one thing on everyone’s mind What to pack when planning a road trip. A Motorcycle Road-trip is so much different that traveling in a car because there is not as much room to pack you not only have to pack light and versatile as well. We want to give you the basics in packing for your trip so you can have fun and not worry about whether you left anything behind that you may need or not.

Motorcycle Road-tripFirst of all, Whether you’re going to Daytona for Bike week or just heading across the USA for a site seeing tour it’s still going to be the same except probably for the amount of clothes you take with you, and where you plan on sleeping (camping or hotel). You don’t want to take the couch, that would just look silly and might get you pulled over!

A Motorcycle Road-trip can be difficult to pack for so, what do you take when you are on a road-trip for a bike? Most everything can be taken that can be packed. Electronics, clothes, toiletries, books, however, you want to be practical. What how long do you want to be packing and unpacking during the day, and how much do you really want to carry? The other thing is that the more you carry the more gas the bike is going to use as well so, less is actually more in this case.

Take only what you really need such as:

  1. This is the main givens ID, cash, insurance & roadside assistance info, motorcycle key, maps / directions
  2. electronics phone /camera/ charger,
  3. riding protective gear such as helmet, gloves, jacket, riding boots, goggles, rain gear, rain /night goggles, sunglasses and any other protective gear you feel you need including earplugs.
  4. Your clothing pack light ensure that it is the most compressible clothing you have. remember that socks can be work more than one day. But don’t pack heavy clothing other than your protective gear unless you absolutely have too.Polyester is your friend on the road!
  5. Headwear ie ponytail holders, doo-rags or skull caps if needed. these keep your head warm.Motorcycle Road-trip
  6. Tools in the tool bag (adjustable wrench, alan wrenches, screwdriver (to remove the seat), air pump, and other motorcycle tools that are needed for the road)
  7. Toiletries (hotels have shampoo & soap unless you need special shampoo) – toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb/brush, lotion for dry skin, chapstick for dry lips, kleenex travel pack (or just tuck a couple of them somewhere on the bike)
  8. Ladies you don’t really need make-up if so pack very lightly remember things can break and make a mess. Mascara and eyeliner work great on a trip and can be smudged just right for a great look for pictures.
  9. Prescription meds – anything you regularly take, as well as a couple of ibuprofen and cold tablets just in case
  10. Extra bags – Ziploc bags, plastic shopping bags & 1 larger garbage bag you never know what you will need them for.

Motorcycle-RoadtripThing like this can be packed in Saddlebags, Tool bags, and other luggage that fits and is made For the bike.  At AMERiders we have plenty of luggage items that you can use to pack your items in safe and sound for your Motorcycle Road-trip such as our PVC Motorcycle Saddlebag it is UV Protected and features a zip-off bag with Heavy Duty Velcro Cover and Lock ,is universally fitting to most bikes, Includes a hard sheet inside the box with 4 pockets, a Heavy Duty Quick Release , is 100% Waterproof , is UV protected and it will not turn white in extreme heat, and will Hold its Shape, 4 Tie down ribbons on each side for extra security.


Or if you have a Harley Davidson Dyna we have just the thing for you, our Motorcycle Saddlebag For Harley Davidson Dynas are made specifically to fit your Harley Davidson Dyna, it includes a hard sheet inside the box with 4 pockets, features a heavy duty quick release is 100% Water-proof has 4 Tie down ribbons on each side for extra secure fit, and will hold its shape. Please note, however, this is NOT a cooler bag and is not intended to be used with water & ice.

Of course, you can always buy a Motorcycle trailer to match your bike so it is even much easier to pack for a Motorcycle Road-trip but then you have to slow down, and who wants to do that?


Let help you pack for your Motorcycle Road-trip and not forget a thing.

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The Feeling of Riding Motorcycles! What Is It Like?

Many riders are asked, “What does it feel like to ride a motorcycle?” The feel of Riding Motorcycles is difficult to explain, other than in shouts and yells that would make some uncomfortable and others laugh, but we will try to explain it without the hoots and hollers.

Riding MotorcyclesSomeone that rides motorcycles will tell you that there is nothing like it the wind in your hair, zooming along on the road, feeling like you are going faster than you actually are. Not having to wear a seatbelt, and that is just a few of the things that some bikers love there are other reasons as well. Bikers even get withdrawal symptoms from not riding their motorcycles for long periods of time, that is why you will see some out riding in biting cold weather. We love to ride!

Riding is different for everyone, however, the sensations for everyone come across different but the same sensations for everyone are there regardless. Most wouldn’t think to use words like velocity, aroma, lean angle, or even condition to describe a ride but they all are part of the experience. Senses are heightened when riding just like if a person loses their sight they can hear, taste and touch better. It is similar with a motorcyclist, pull us out of a cage(car) and put us on a bike and we experience everything differently.

Velocity: A motorcycle doesn’t accelerate like a vehicle does so velocity is a sensation that we love. The acceleration is much quicker on a bike than in a vehicle so you feel it quicker and someone that is not used too it may feel a bit overwhelmed if they are not ready for it. The acceleration or speed is different for different bikes as well. Bikers know there is a difference between sportbikes, cruisers, and touring bikes and they all have a different acceleration rate, however, they are all still much faster than a car. The difference with riding a bike at high speeds and driving a car is that you have to adjust your body to keep the bike from falling over in turns or the rear or front of the bike popping up on you during acceleration or braking.

Aroma: The aromas that a motorcyclist experiences when riding are different than when in a vehicle. You receive smells more often than you would in a vehicle and they influence your ride immensely. Some areas will even help you to remember some rides more than others.

Lean Angle: When Riding Motorcycles the everything you do is important to the ride, lean angle, acceleration, braking, and even traction on the surface you are riding on. Managing these when riding is different than when driving a vehicle, you are forced to use them all at the same time on a bike. With a car, you don’t have to worry about balance when you touch the brakes as you do when riding a motorcycle. There is also not a worry about falling over in a turn with a car as there is a bike, however, if you have seen motorcycle racing you may have noticed that bikes can lean over very far almost defying gravity. That thrill is hard to explain.

Condition or Temperature: The Temperature felt when riding is constantly changing you feel the heat from the sun, or chill from the water quicker than you would in a vehicle because temperature drops are felt more than if you were in a vehicle. You are open and exposed to the elements so you feel everything quicker than you would in a vehicle.

Riding MotorcyclesSome bikers compare Riding Motorcycles to a dog hanging their heads out of a window of a moving car and have stated.” Bikers are the only ones that can understand why dogs love hanging their heads out of a car window.” In some ways, this is true, as we understand the feel and rush of the wind on our face as we go zipping along the interstate or whatever road we may be on at the time.

So now when someone asks you what it feels like to Ride a Motorcycle you can explain it a bit better to them, or just point them here and we will do it for you.

Let Be Your First Stop When Riding Motorcycles for Your Gear