76th Annual Sturgis Rally Has a New Full Throttle Saloon!

AMERiders is excited to announce that at this year’s rally there will be a “New Full Throttle Saloon” in its brand new location, this coming after the tragic fire that caused the iconic bar to burn down last year. With the 76th Annual Sturgis Rally just a few days away this is exciting news for rally goers and Full Throttle fans.

Out of tragedy comes something new
New Full Throttle Saloon
Full Throttle Saloon Fire in 2015

When the iconic bar burned down last year the community rallied behind Ballard, his wife Angie and business partner and Jackyl lead singer Jesse James Dupree and urged them to rebuild. Some people that are upset that it was not rebuilt at its old site, however, Garner, national sales representative for Full Throttle S’loonshine & Jesse James Bourbon said “there was a very good reason for the move. It was landlocked; there was no room to grow.”  Hence the new location.

The New Full Throttle Saloons location
New Full Throttle Saloon
Jesse James Dupree

The former saloon was located on the 38 acres.However, just five miles down the road The New Full Throttle Saloon location is on 50, with another 500 acres for camping. Dupree said the new location will house three times as many vendors, the state’s largest stage, and an Olympic-size pool.

New Full Throttle Saloon
Pop in and have a drink or get merchandise, and – of course – take pictures of what once stood as the World’s Largest Biker Bar.

While owner Michael Ballard is building a new Full Throttle Saloon on site at the Pappy Hoel Campground, about 6 miles north of Sturgis, many people are still stopping to take a look at the original location, which was destroyed by fire last year but remains open to the public.

Pappy Hoel Campground
 New Full Throttle Saloon
Pappy Hoel Campground

The new facility will be named the Pappy Hoel Campground and Ballard explained the significance behind the name. “Pappy Hoel is the man who actually founded the Sturgis Rally 76 years ago,” he said. “He actually owned an Indian motorcycle dealership here in Sturgis and he started flat track racing back in 1938. And he started a ride once a year through the Black Hills to Mount Rushmore. So in honor of the guy that started the event, we decided to name the campground the Pappy Hoel Campground. The is located on the main property, so “The Full Throttle Presents the Pappy Hoel Campground.”

Fundraising and Donations
New Full Throttle Saloon
Barrel of Full Throttle Trimble Tennessee Whiskey

As a fundraiser to aid in building back the bar, Ballard started a program similar to the Brick Project in Sturgis. However, Full Throttle’s is a steel plate, to which you can get your name, the name of the town you’re from, CNC’d out of steel and it actually gets welded to the side of the bar. They sold many that will be up this year for the rally. They’ll have a booth set up that Sturgis goers can buy them and  can actually watch them CNC your name out of it and watch them weld it onto the bar.   For those that love whiskey and want to donate Your can get your own Barrel of Full Throttle Trimble Tennessee Whiskey for just $5000 check out the information on that here.

New Full Throttle Saloon
Michael Ballard Turner Broadcasting Photo

Everyone knows that Full Throttle has awesome concerts so check out the 2016 Rally Concerts at the main stage. Those events actually start August 5th wait that is today!

2016 Rally Concerts – Main Stage

All concerts are free at Full Throttle if you are there before 6 pm. After 6 pm there’s a cover charge of about usually $10 to $20 dollars depending on the concert. But the upside, it also comes with a free drink ticket.

All events can change without notice….more coming soon!
Friday, Aug. 5th
Sevendust & Crobot
Sat. Aug. 6th
Molly Hatchet
Sun. Aug. 7th
Brian Howe
Mon. Aug. 8th
Tue. Aug. 9th
Ted Nugent
Wed. Aug. 10th
Thu. Aug. 11th
Jackyl Night!!
Fri. Aug. 12th
Black Label Society
Sat. Aug. 13th
Zakk Wylde Book of Shadows II
Sun. Aug. 14th

Don’t forget to visit these other most noteworthy and iconic venues as well during Sturgis.
New Full Throttle Saloon
The Knuckle Saloon

The Knuckle Saloon  here is their website for other great information on the venue.





New Full Throttle Saloon
The Famous Iron Horse Saloon

The Famous Iron Horse Saloon here is their website for other great information on the venue.





New Full Throttle Saloon
Buffalo Chip

Buffalo Chip here is their website for other great information on the venue.





and last but not least

New Full Throttle Saloon
Glencoe Camp Resort

Glencoe Camp Resort here is their website for other great information on the venue.





And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

New Full Throttle Saloon







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Don’t Forget These 10 Things on Your Next Moto-Camping Trip!

Camping by Motorcycle can be a fun experience which is why AMERiders offers up these 10 Things not to forget on Your Next Moto-Camping Trip! Let’s face it there are usually only two ways people think of camping and that is loading up a backpack and hike/scramble/stumble to a backcountry campsite, or where you load up your car, truck, SUV or RV and drive to a campsite, usually in a designated campground. Although most of us don’t really think that an RV= Camping.

Motorcycle camping can be an awesome and fun experience, as a person can cross country camp on a motorcycle easily especially if they are geared up right. If it’s true solitude and the stars over your head then, load up, grab a map from the local National Forest or BLM station, and ride out. With this list we have of course left out the obvious items such as “appropriate tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, etc and instead we are focusing on tips and tricks that we’ve discovered (learn from our mistakes, trust us, it’s easier) and items we’ve found to be especially helpful while on your Moto-Camping Trip.

Moto-Camping Trip
Carry various sizes of Ziplock bags to hold your phone,any other small items you don’t want to get wet.
1- Ziplock Bags

Carry various sizes of Ziplock bags to hold your phone, fire starter (see #3), matches, snacks, and any other small items you don’t want to get wet. Gallon-sized bags work great to stow trash, marinate meat for dinner, and even carry extra water (don’t skimp, buy the good freezer storage kind).


Moto-Camping Trip
A decent multi-tool is a must for any motorcycle road trip.
2- Multi-tool (with corkscrew!)

This one is pretty self-explanatory: knife, screwdriver, can opener, pliers…a decent multi-tool is a must for any motorcycle road trip. One with a corkscrew for the inevitable bottle you may pick up while cruising through wine country. After all, who doesn’t love a good bottle of wine with dinner?


3 – Firestarter
Moto-Camping Trip
Buy fire starter that’s small and easy to carry, it also works way better than paper.

Yes, the newspaper is a cheap firestarter, but it’s also bulky. For a few dollars, you can buy a fire starter that’s small and easy to carry, and it works way better. Such as Zippo’s Fire Starter Puck ($1.95/one puck, enough for 4 fires) or Lightnin’ Bug ($2.95/pack of 8). Zippo’s scored Campfire Starter Cedar Puck easily breaks into four pieces to start 4 fires. Blended of compressed cedar sawdust, the wax lights quickly even when it is wet. Made of 100% all-natural recycled materials. Lightnin’ Bug Nontoxic, compact fire starter nuggets are made from natural wood by-products and contain no chemical additives

Moto-Camping Trip
A Nalgene bottle is lighter than glass and non-breakable.
4 – Nalgene bottle

Perfect for that post-ride campfire beverage.The plastic Nalgene is lighter than glass and non-breakable, plus it’s safe for short-term alcohol storage. Nalgene makes a wide range of BPA free reusable water bottles and containers to suit your personal preferences, needs and lifestyle. So whether you’re looking for a virtually indestructible water bottle for a back country adventure, or you want a clean, green way of storing something, you’ll find a Nalgene product that gets the job done.

5 – Extra tarp

Using a ground cloth under your tent, to protect the floor from sharp rocks and other hazards is a given. We also like to bring another small tarp, especially on trips to wet or muddy areas. Doing so gives you a clean, dry place to sit, put down your gear, etc. It also prevents the clothes changing dance–you know what we mean, when you’re pulling off your gear, and trying not to put a stocking foot down in the mud or dirt.

6 – Disinfecting wipes
Moto-Camping Trip
Reduce the amount of water you need to carry or use, clean your hands and wipe down dishes with disinfecting wipes.

To reduce the amount of water you need to carry or use, clean your hands and wipe down dishes with disinfecting wipes. Some people like to use Clorox wipes, but for those of us that are allergic to Clorox, there are other options.  A quick splash of water afterwards is enough to rinse off any leftover residue. Stash dirty wipes in one of your Ziplock bags to transport to the next trash bin you come across.

7 – LED headlamp
Moto-Camping Trip
We prefer headlamps to flashlights; they free up your hands for those middle-of-the-night bathroom runs.

We prefer headlamps to flashlights; they free up your hands for those middle-of-the-night bathroom runs. Petzl and Black Diamond Spot are two of the most popular and high-quality brands. Most also feature dimmers and red LEDs as well. The Spot ($39.95) is a Powerful, precise, fully-featured and waterproof, the redesigned 200-lumen Spot offers Black Diamond’s convenient PowerTap Technology for on-the-fly brightness adjustments in all weather.

8 – JetBoil Flash
Moto-Camping Trip
The JetBoil Flash is the only camp stove you’ll need during your Moto-Camping Trip

Back-country cooking is typically pretty simple, and modern freeze-dried meals have come a long way towards being not only edible but quite delicious. Plus prep and clean-up are easy as well. Being a minimalist on a Moto-Camping Trip is essential. Which is why the JetBoil Flash ($99.95) is the only camp stove you’ll need. It does one thing, but it does it very, very well: boil water. Two cups in just under two minutes, in fact. Perfect for meals, coffee, and hot cocoa. Best of all, it packs down into a very compact self-contained package.

9 – REI/Helinox camp chairs
Moto-Camping Trip
Helinox Chair One Camp Chair packs down small

One thing you don’t want to lug around on a bike is a big, heavy chair. A company called Helinox happens to make some of the best camp chairs out there, and they pack down small enough to easily fit into a pannier or duffel. For a similar chair at roughly half the price, take a look at REI’s Flex Lite Chair ($79.50). Both the Helinox and REI models are small, lightweight and hold at least 250 lbs.

10 – AMERiders luggage and gear
Moto-Camping Trip

Ok, we may be tooting our own horn here but we know that our luggage and gear are great for packing all this great stuff up in for your Moto-Camping Trip. We have a large selection of luggage items for your bike. Not only that we have a ton of leather and textile riding gear, helmets, and other protective wear that is useful for camping as well.

So, when your heading out to Sturgis which is coming up in a couple weeks or out for vacation/sight seeing trip ensure that you have these items or at least some of them with you as they can come in very handy.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Moto-Camping Trip







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Harley-Davidson Is Taking Sturgis Over!

Harley-Davidson Is Taking Sturgis Over! Find out what is going down before and during the long time annual rally! AMERiders gives you the scoop on what the motorcycle manufacturer is planning. Although Sturgis officially starts on August 8 and runs through August 14, 2016, Harley-Davidson will be in town August 6 through August 13. There is a whole list of activities and events that they have planned for that week preceding the Rally and we are bringing it to you. Below are a few highlighted activities and where they will be located at in Sturgis.

All week there will be tons of activities. rides and music and events to attend. So pack up and ride on out to Sturgis and have a great time.


Taking SturgisMain Street and Harley-Davidson Way (formerly 2nd Street)
Check out live music daily, the art of pinstriping, and the custom bike show.
View full Rally Point activities list here


-2016 Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle Lineup
-Free 2016 Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle test rides
-H-D1™ Fit Shop
-Weber® Grill display and activities
-MDA raffle
-Parts & Accessories and Event Merchandise for sale


4th and Lazelle Street in the community center August 6-13, 9AM-5PM daily.
Denotes H.O.G.® members-only activity.
-Pick up your exclusive H.O.G.® Sturgis event pin

-Enjoy daily refreshments and snacks (1-3PM)*
-Shop Willie G.® and H.O.G.® Commemorative Merchandise
Learn More about H.O.G.® here

While these are just a few of the activities that Harley-Davidson has planned when taking Sturgis the week before. During Sturgis itself, there will be plenty of other activities planned like the ones below.

Arlen Ness Recognized For Lifetime Achievement Honors

Taking SturgisAccording to Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of fame Arlen Ness is being recognized for a Lifetime achievement here is what they had to say. “In keeping with the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum’s mission to honor those who have made a positive and significant impact on the sport and lifestyle, a special “Lifetime Achievement” award has been added to the Class of 2016 induction ceremonies. Already a Sturgis Museum Hall of Fame member circa 1992, Arlen Ness was a unanimous choice to receive the first Lifetime Achievement honors.”

That is not all either there is also an annual charity ride happening as well.

Second Annual Aidan’s Ride scheduled during this year’s rally

Taking SturgisPer Sturgis site information ” The second annual Aidan’s Ride Sturgis, a charity motorcycle ride organized to fight ALD, will take place August 8, 2016, during the 76th anniversary of the iconic Sturgis Motorcycle Rally®. Last year, 75 riders participated, raising over $13,500 for the Aidan Jack Seeger Foundation, and organizers expect an even bigger turnout this time around.”

In Addition to all of what is happening at the rally this year also:

Carey Hart is Leading the Good Ride for the 76th Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

logo-goodrideSturgis has announced ” Carey Hart is returning to the Sturgis Rally this year after attending the 75th Sturgis® Motorcycle Rally™ as the Grand Marshall of the Mayor’s Ride. This year, you are invited to join Carey and company to be a part of a new charity event called the ‘Good Ride’.” Registration for the Good Ride is $176 per person. Proceeds from this ride will benefit the Sturgis Brown High School Welding class. Space is limited to 125 so pre-registration is recommended.

Time is running out it is only 18 days as of this post till Sturgis! Let us know if you’re going and if you do don’t forget to send us your pics and stories.

Taking SturgisIf you do plan on going to Sturgis and need some extra gear to hold all the stuff you’re planning to bring back then check out all of our accessories and gear in our For the Bike section. Not to mention all the protective gear that we sell to keep you safe while traveling. Let us help get you geared up and ready for Taking Sturgis.

And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Taking Sturgis







Let AMERiders know if you plan on helping Harley-Davidson in Taking Sturgis or if you plan on going to Sturgis itself.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

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Gear up, Strap in and Jump On! A Road Trip Is in Order!

Gear up your bike, Strap into your favorite protective gear and Jump On your bike! It’s warm and a Road Trip Is in Order! At, we say let’s take a ride to somewhere fun, and spectacular!  Vacations and Road Trips are always fun, but when you hop on a motorcycle it just amps up the fun dial even more. We decided since we recently showed you new bikes that are coming out like the Harley-Davidson 2016 Models, the Indian Springfield, and Indian Darkhorse plus we’ve given you tips on how to gear up for riding this summer, as well as Packing for Road Trips. We would give you some ideas on where to go for your vacations on your motorcycle this summer.

Road Trip
Harley-Davidson Museum

So the first place we would like to suggest is the birthplace of Harley-Davidson itself Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Lots of things to see and do that a motorcycle enthusiast will love. Such as the Harley-Davidson Museum which is newly opened. During the summer, it is very easy to find things to do along the lake and the city has many cultural events to attend as well. Milwaukee is also known for the world-famous Milwaukee Mile Speedway where the annual Milwaukee Rally is held late July.

Road Trip
Winter Park Colorado

Another great place to go take your Road Trip is Colorado.  Located in Colorado’s Northern Rockies, Winter Park is a popular winter destination drawing visitors to its large ski hill, however, not only is Winter Park a popular winter destination, but it also draws visitors during the summer with its Zephyr Mountain Express Chairlift. Which  takes sightseers and mountain bikers to the summit of Winter Park Mountain, for a stunning view of the Continental Divide. Winter Park is also known for the Salute to American Veterans Rally, formerly held in Cripple Creek. A POW/MIA rally, the Salute to American Veterans Rally is also one of the best Colorado motorcycle rallies. Held in August, the ride to the new home of the POW/MIA Salute in Winter Park takes you and your bike through the beautiful Colorado Rockies, culminating with a huge POW/MIA parade, a POW/MIA Recognition Ride, motorcycle rodeo, a ride in bike show, live music, poker run, wet T-shirt contest, and a military fighter plane flyover.

Road Trip
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

Of course,there is also the Black Hills of South Dakota for Sturgis one of the world’s oldest, largest and greatest rallies, held each year in August. This year it is being held from the 8th to the 14th for its 76th annual rally. Besides the unique combination of unique scenery of surrounding granite peaks and creek-carved canyons, with outstanding touring roads ribboning out across the landscape, and adding in the music and non-stop party action on famous Sturgis Main Street. Sturgis offers a dream Road Trip or vacation for any biker.

Road Trip

These are just a few of the great places that you can go when taking a Road Trip this summer. There is also the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Ohio, and of course don’t forget HISTORIC ROUTE 66 also as it can be an experience of a lifetime for travelers, adventurers, desperados and dreamers. Officially Route 66 no longer exists, however, a great deal of it remains to be driven and enjoyed.

We hope this gives you some idea of a few places to ride this summer. There are more to be found all over the net, and by even asking some of your brothers and sisters of some wonderful, exciting, and beautiful places they may have ridden. Don’t hesitate to ask around when planning a trip you never know what you may find.

Road TripAMERiders would like to wish all our brothers and sisters a safe and happy Memorial Day. Please remember that this weekend is not about BBQ’s and long rides. It is about remembering those that gave their lives in service to our country.



And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

Road Trip







AMERiders wants to remind you to be safe and have fun on your Road Trip where ever it may take you.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

The Reason Why We Love Motorcycle Events

We all Love Motorcycle Events, we know that we at AMERiders do! Why? For many reasons! Fun,Friends, Brothers and Sisters coming together in one big happy family for a reunion of sorts. We laugh, we cry, we do all sorts of crazy things, even raise money for worthwhile causes, as well as remembering fallen brothers, sisters as well as our veterans. Remembering fallen loved ones is always a part of our motorcycle events regardless of whether the event is geared towards it or not.

But our main reason for loving Motorcycle Events is that they are fun and we all love fun! So, if you are looking for something to do this month on your scoot, we have a list for you from all over the USA from Nevada to Florida. So without further ado here is your list for this month! (drum roll please)

Carts, Bikers and Babes RallyCarts, Bikers, and Babes Rally – April 14, 2016  – April 17, 2016

The event will be held in Welch Park Lake Somerville, 200 Welch Park Road in Somerville, TX. Gates open at 8:00 am. The event includes a bike show, bike games, a poker run, vendors, music, tattoo contest, golf cart events and more. There is no fee to enter the bike show, bikes will be judged in various categories and trophies will be awarded to winners. There will be various bike games with awards given to winners. There is also a prize awarded to the winner of the poker run. This event is under New Management – Same Great Rally, Even Better This Year  For more information call 832-287-4586 or go to

Leesburg Bikefest – April 22-24 2016

Motorcycle EventsThe main venue will be on Main Street from Canal Street to 9th Street but activities take place throughout the area. The event includes  poker runs, organized rides, a parade ride, bike show, exhibitions, entertainment, contests, music and more. The motorcycle show will be judged in various categories and awards given to winners. Poker runs may start at various locations. Cash awards will be given to winners.  For more information call 352-365-0053 or go to

Laughlin River RunLaughlin River Run- April 27, 2016 – April 30, 2016

Get ready for the largest motorcycle event on the west coast. Join us this year as we take Laughlin by storm. Come see Historic US Route 66 the way it was meant to be seen. Turn back time as you ride the hills from Kingman to Oatman, AZ. Cool off in the Colorado, or test lady luck at any one of the casinos located on the strip.The 2016 Laughlin River Run Motorcycle Rally is a 5-Day Motorcycle Event with concerts, lots of vendors and of course gambling (it’s Nevada). (read more here)

And for our CVMA Brothers and Sisters


Let AMERiders be your source for Motorcycle Events and the gear to protect you while your at them.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

Indian Springfield™ Unveiling and Current March Events!

Look out riders we are here to notify you about some great things going on such as the Indian Springfield™ Unveiling and other Current March Events as well!

Don’t miss out and Catch your glimpse of the new Indian Springfield™ Unveiling on Saturday, March 5th! That’s right tomorrow! So if you are not headed to bike week head on over to your local Indian dealership and check out that sweet ride. Named after the birthplace of Indian Motorcycle® and designed for a pure riding experience, the Indian Springfield™ features a traditional style, quick release windshield and all-weather, remote-locking saddlebags. It’s equipped with the most essential, touring features but designed for ultimate versatility. The all-new purpose-built chassis delivers unmatched handling and balanced even when fully loaded with authentic Indian Motorcycle accessories.

Indian Springfield
All Indian Pictures courtesy of Indian™

The 75th annual bike week started up today and will run through till the 14th of this month so dust off your leathers and ride on down and have some fun. Celebrate the very special celebration of the 75th Daytona Bike Week, a tradition since 1937…for what is sure to be the biggest, best, and most memorable Daytona rally in history. As with the other milestone rallies, Bike Week 2016 will feature higher profile entertainment,Daytona Bike Week signature events, larger attendance, and MORE FUN! So, be sure to make your plans to attend as soon as possible. Daytona Beach is biker heaven year round with great climate for riding and many businesses and venues that cater to and entertain bikers 24-7. Each March, hundreds of thousands of bikers gather along the central Florida coast around Daytona for the annual 10-day rally/festival to enjoy the Florida weather, the views of the Atlantic Ocean, non-stop entertainment and exhibitions…and the largest gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts, manufacturers, and suppliers on the east coast. Make your plans to attend…and use as your guide and information resource for the best that the Daytona Beach motorcycle rallies have to offer.

fts rebuild run
Full Throttle Saloon Rebuild Run

We also have one other one coming in as well on March 12th,  Join  “Senior” and “Goat” from the television show “Full Throttle Saloon” as they participate in the Best Damn Bike Run in all of Daytona during “Bike Week”. You will help the FTS family by raising money for the rebuild. This run will be amazing……with 100% of the proceeds with go directly to the rebuild of The Worlds Largest Biker Bar….Full Throttle Saloon, Sturgis, SD. They will be starting at Orlando Harley then off to Seminole Harley then off to both Rossmeyer’s Harley’s ending at Cackleberrys.

Don’t forget us when you are out riding and having all this fun make sure to send us your pictures, stories during your fun or when you get home to gallery.ameriders at Gmail dot com and we will post them to our gallery page.

All our events go to our Events page so you can see them at a glance, so send those for some free advertising and publicity on your ride let us know and we will get that information out for you!!!

Let AMERiders be your place to get information on the Indian Springfield™ Unveiling as well as all the cool gear you need to ride.