Stay Warm While You Ride with Winter Motorcycle Gear!

If any of you are by chance still riding since the cooler weather has hit, let us help you stay warm with our Winter Motorcycle Gear. AMERiders has everything to help keep you and your passenger warm from classic leather jackets to gloves and more for everyone.

Classic Jackets for Men, Women, and Children

A great way to stay warm while riding is with one of our classic leather jackets for Ladies, Gents or Children in all fashions and styles. Check out these few below or More from our Apparel Section.

Winter Motorcycle Gear
Men’s Motorcycle Jacket With Z/O Lining

Stay warm with our Men’s Motorcycle Jacket With Z/O Lining  is embossed on the back is the American Eagle clutching a USA shield with your motto on top and beneath. Other features include a full, zip-out lining that runs through the sleeves, epaulets on the shoulders, a fold-down collar with button snaps, and a sturdy, front zip-up closure.

Winter Motorcycle Gear
Ladies Solid Buffalo Leather Jacket

Ladies, can you picture yourself, in our stunning Ladies Solid Buffalo Leather Jacket ? It is solid black and made from genuine buffalo leather. It’s Durable Construction Features two zippered exterior pockets and two interior pockets. To give you a comfortably snug fit it is gathered at the sides and is fully lined as well.

Winter Motorcycle Gear
Teens Leather Motorcycle Jacket With Snap Down Collar

Keep your “mini-you” warm with our Teens Leather Motorcycle Jacket With Snap Down Collar . It is a great jacket to start off your teen biker with. This beauty is made from Top Grade Genuine Leather and will make them feel like they are one of the pack. Features of this sweet leather jacket include: Snap collar, half roller belt buckle and side laces for a better fit, multiple pockets, zippered cuffs all for a cool looking jacket.

Gloves for Men and Women.
 Winter Motorcycle Gear
All Leather Motorcycle Gauntlet Glove

It is very important not only to keep your hands protected while riding but to have your hands warm as well. A great way to do that is to have a great pair of gloves in your Winter Motorcycle Gear wardrobe. AMERiders has a large selection of Men’s and Women’s gloves that will do just that. We have chosen to show you two of our favorites below.

Winter Motorcycle Gear
Stitched Eagle On Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

Keep your hands warm with our Gents All Leather Motorcycle Gauntlet Glove is a great glove that is made from genuine leather and is fully lined. Wear them while riding or anytime that you need warmth for your hands.

Our Stitched Eagle On Women’s Motorcycle Gloves are made from genuine leather and feature an eagle stitched on the cuff, and are nice and warm as well.

We would like to note that we are not leaving out Headwear or Helmets
Winter Motorcycle Gear
DOT Full Face Winebury Modular Motorcycle Helmet

A great full face helmet can be great to keep your head and face warm during the winter and we have a large stock of them available in all styles and colors. Consequently, this gorgeous Wine colored helmet is not only full face it is also DOT approved and certified as well, but is a great choice. It is a Stylish Convenience The Rodia RF-4 Modular incorporates all the benefits of a full-face helmet with the advantages of an open-face helmet. Not only that its lightweight shell design is made from aerodynamic fiberglass and is paired with ABS polycarbonate alloy chin bar. Large eye ports will give you greater visibility.

Winter Motorcycle Gear

Make a bold statement, and keep your dome warm on the open road with AME Riders’ selection of motorcycle headwear, including stylish and functional options for every biker. Boasting designs that will show off your style and get you noticed in a crowd. Our balaclavas and motorcycle face masks for men and women are not only good for providing warmth in cold weather, they will also add a layer of unique style to your biker apparel.


And as always….

~Live Free Ride Hard~

~But this month do it spookily~







Let AMERiders help you keep warm with our large selection of Winter Motorcycle Gear.

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Protect Yourself! Dress for the Slide Not the Ride!

It is important to Protect Yourself when riding on a motorcycle, most of us have heard the saying “Dress for the Slide Not the Ride“, and this saying holds true. When you dress for what is going to happen not for what you are doing, you are more prepared for the eventuality of what might happen even if it never comes. Protect YourselfLike the person that always uses an umbrella even though it is not raining, they are protected from the sun, but if that eventual rain pour comes they are ready for it.  Preparation, as well as Protection, is important and we at AMERiders thought about that when we set up our website as we wanted our customers not only to be happy and satisfied but well protected as well.

Protect Yourself
Protective Gear Info Diagram

Even though the warm weather is coming up or for some of you, it may already be here it is still important to Protect Yourself from head to toe when riding. With protective gear worn brain injury, major infections, loss of limbs or even death can be prevented. (See the diagram on the left for more info).

There are many different types and styles of protective gear that can be worn to help prevent possible injuries during a fall. Even just dropping your bike while stopped without sturdy boots on can have consequences. We have a large selection of protective gear to help you keep your dome, arms, legs, and other major and even minor parts safe.

Remember, April is Check your Helmet Month,  and since it is if you need to replace your helmet we have a nice selection of DOT/Snell approved half, beanies, three-quarters, modular and full face, and other styles of helmets from name brands like HJC, Rhodia, Caliber and more; as well as a number of novelty helmets as well. Ladies we also have a number of styles for you to choose from to keep your pretty little noggin safe from harm.

Protect Yourself
HJC FG-17 Force MC1F Full Face Helmet

Wearing a full face helmet such as our HJC FG-17 Force MC1F Full Face Helmet that  is a mid-level sports bike focused helmet, that lets itself be influenced by its big brother, the uber race ready RPHA-10. This gorgeous red and black helmet is packaged to be heavy on performance and value, and it features adjustable flow through vent ports help to keep searing heat in check while the SilverCool™ liner adds comfort and proper comfort. Using a helmet can help protect from serious brain injury .

We also have a Large Selection of Men’s, Ladies’ and children’s’ leather jackets, chaps, leather and denim vests as well as textile apparel. Wearing this type of protection can help prevent bruising, severe infections that can lead to death, skin loss, and much more. We have jackets with and without armor, as well as with and without reflective piping.

Protect Yourself
Men’s Jacket With Reflective Strip On Front Back in Blue

Textile apparel is great for protection like our Our Men’s Jacket With Reflective Strip On Front and Back is made from lightweight nylon and mesh material and features a lining that zips out, a reflective strip on the front and back for safer rides at night, removable foam based Certified Armor on the elbows, back, and shoulders, strap on the sides and zippered cuffs for better fitting.

Protect Yourself

Protecting your hands is important as well. We also have a nice selection of apparel to protect those digits of yours from harm, because if you can’t use your hands you can’t ride your bike. Gloves ranging from fingerless to gauntlet and much more. Like our Mesh Textile Mechanics, Motorcycle Gloves will help reduce bloodshed while on the job because let’s face it your hands are more fragile than you think they are. and this mesh textile glove comes with the chopper cross logo!

If those items aren’t your style we have tons of other apparel items that may be your style that could help to protect you and your loved ones in a fall.

Let AMERiders help you Protect Yourself from serious injury with our premium leather and textile apparel.

And as always don’t forget to send us your stories, pictures and events for posting to GALLERY.AMERIDERS @ GMAIL.COM  and we will post them for you. The more people that know about your event the better and we are offering free advertising. We would also love to hear about your rides and love to see those bikes so send those stories and pictures.

Motorcycle Helmets help keep your children and you safe!

Our children are important to us, which is why we want to keep them safe. At, we know this and sell many top brands to help keep your children safe. However, we do also sell Motorcycle Helmets for men and women as well and many novelty helmets also. Check out our many wonderful helmets we have in stock,

Motorcycle helmets are one of the best pieces of protection for any biker. They protect what is most significant to your body — your head. All of our biker helmets we sell at AMERiders are either DOT or SNELL approved, and often they are both as well. We also sell many Top Brand Motorcycle Helmets for all sizes in many colors to match your style. So if you need a Modular, full face, half shell, youth, dirt bike, open face, or even a racing helmet, we have them. Ladies, we have a great selection of helmets you will love as well. If you are looking for a helmet, that is just a novelty style we have many helmets to choose from. If you want your helmet to stand out from the crowd try one of our many Helmet Accessories such as our helmet bows, spikes and more. At AMERiders, we have the right helmet for you all at affordable prices.